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How the Atlassian toolset can deliver a value stream for Service Management.

Hi folks

I recently presented at the Toulouse ACE where I spoke about Service Management. One slide I showed got a few comments which was a derivative of one originally created by Atlassian's @Akshay Anand

In this slide I showed just how some of the Atlassian toolsets can help organisations at the right time in the lifecycle of change. 

And here is the script for this slide (which I almost followed). 

toulouse slide.png

How do Atlassian products help?

Well, regardless of what team you’re in, you can use Confluence to document and share information. You can of course maintain confidentiality and privacy using out-of-the-box features.

We can introduce one of the latest Atlassian products in the mix – Jira Product Discovery where you can take your insights and ideas and convert them in to prioritised actionable items.

From this, Jira Align helps with recognising demand, allocating precious resources, and defining metrics and OKRs.

Software and engineering teams can use tools like Jira Software to manage their backlog of work, and other  business teams could use Jira Work Management.

The IT operations and customer support teams can use Jira Service Management to track incidents, requests, problems, and changes.

And all this data can be pulled into Jira Align to help create dashboards and economic views that tell the leaders in the organisation how they’re working to provide return on that investment.

Now, this does not show every single tool in Atlassian’s portfolio. And some of these solutions might take a bit of work to implement. But this diagram and narrative helps to sell the power of the platform that can share data across multiple products and teams

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