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Erica Moss Community Manager Aug 21, 2018

The Community team is here to: A) help you get the most out of your experience; and B) to have fun. Meet the people behind the avatars:

Stephanie Grice

Where I'm based: The city of roses and bridges, Portland, OR!

Fun fact about me: I was on Sesame Street as a child. 

Ask me about: All things Atlassian, all things community, dogs, books, travel, gardening/farming.

Profile: @Stephanie Grice


Monique van den Berg

Where I'm based: Richmond, California (the San Francisco Bay Area).

Fun fact about me: I've worked as an English professor, a Starbucks barista, and a telephone psychic.

Ask me about: Community features, badges and challenges, Friday Fun, birds, feminism, literature, hagelslag, my favorite La Croix flavors.

Profile: @Monique van den Berg


Bianca Encinas

Where I'm based: A sunny little hill in San Francisco.

Fun fact about me: My Patronus is an orca whale. 

Ask me about: Community promo, audience segmentation, riding my bike in the city, and my Border Collie Pit Bull mutt.

Profile: @BiancaE


Bridget Sauer

Where I'm based: San Francisco, but really in Oakland.

Fun fact about me: I am named after and in honor of the card game, Bridge.

Ask me about: Anything content related, watercoloring, hairless cats, or life after veganism.

Profile: @Bridget


Erica Moss

Where I'm based: The greatest city in the world! New York, of course.

Fun fact about me: I was a Mickey and Minnie Mouse fanatic as a child — when we visited Disneyland when I was 3, Minnie pushed me aside to take a photo with another child, and I've never fully recovered.

Ask me about: General community stuff, the Community Leaders program, Broadway shows, internet memes and boy bands from the 2000s.

Profile: @Erica Moss


Mandy Ross

Where I'm based: Bear Mountain, Morton, Washington (2 hours southeast of Seattle in the woods near Mt. Rainier).

Fun fact about me: There was a verified Sasquatch sighting on my property. We live on the edge of the Dark Divide, an area which has the highest concentration of Sasquatch encounters in the U.S.

Ask me about: Product Community content, agile development, RuPaul’s Drag Race, cooking, gardening, foraging mushrooms and berries, spinning (the yarn-making-with-a-wheel kind) and rural living in general.

Profile: @Mandy Ross 


Meg Community Leader Aug 27, 2018

internet memes and boy bands from the 2000s

@Erica Moss This is everything. 

Pretty sure @Erica Moss is my spirit guide :D

With most of you on the West Coast, and others on the East Coast, what's your favorite communication practices for collaborating realtime?

Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 11, 2018

@Carol Jones Great question! Chat definitely becomes our watercooler, and we try to observe remote team best practices — a big one for us is if one person has to be on a video call, we all hop on a video call (versus one person on camera, and the rest in a conference room). If you're looking for other tips, we often reference the Trello blog, as they create a lot of great content around this topic. 😄


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