I'm working with Paytm in India, on new retail tech.


Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 10, 2018

Hey, @sarataddepalli! Welcome to the community. Have fun exploring, be sure to check out the collections that are most relevant to your work & show us the view outside your window.

Hi @Erica Moss! Thanks for the welcome.

At first glance, I see a lot of questions in my feed. So i'm starting to feel like the Community is Atlassian's version of Stack Overflow. Is this intended? Or am I missing out on something?

Since i'm new here, I'm still trying to understand what is the Community, and what do we do here.

Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 11, 2018

@sarataddepalli Great question! The Community is truly what you make of it. Some folks come here to ask questions, some to answer other people's questions, some to network with industry peers and some to share their insight and expertise through articles like this one. Those who are most helpful and invested in the growth of the community become Champions, our ambassador program aimed at rewarding those leaders who help make this space magical. Definitely let me know if you have any specific questions! 😄

G'day Sarat, from someone who's also just started the Confluence journey!

G'day to you too, Steve, although your day might've ended already :P

Erica Moss Community Manager Oct 15, 2018

You both might find this collection helpful: New to Confluence

Hi @sarataddepalli,

Welcome to community!

Thanks, Ollie!

I'm responding from my phone (on Firefox), and was weirdly unable to mention (tag with @Ollie Guan_携程 ) for a second there! Turns out I just had to scroll a bit further down in the popup list .

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Oct 16, 2018

Welcome to the community.


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