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How I restrict a user who's from other domain to access my other team managed projects?

Shivam Desai August 25, 2022
  • I have invited a user who is not from my company domain.
  • I have invited the user in a Team-Managed Project.
  • Now my question in this scenario is: How I can restrict this user so that he cannot access my other projects (Company Managed as well as Team Managed)?


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Giane88 August 25, 2022

For simplicity's sake I would create a group. I would put the user in that group and then limit the visibility of the group only to the projects they are interested in.

Since you want to give access only to a project managed by the team, remove the group access to all projects and give access through the appropriate functionality in the administration section of the project itself.

Shivam Desai August 26, 2022

Problem Solved.

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Karen Rogalski August 25, 2022

Your organization is probably using Roles to manage project access now. You can create a new User Group and apply it to only the project Permission Schemes where that User should have access.

Shivam Desai August 26, 2022

Understood. Thank You.

Shivam Desai August 26, 2022

So, Once I will do this, All the other projects that I have should not be seen by that user in the list of projects, Correct?

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