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Welcome Wednesday: What's a new hobby you're excited about or want to try?

Sharon Tan Community Manager Sep 09, 2020

Hi everyone, I'm happy to say hello to all of our new users on the Community this Welcome Wednesday! 🙂

As I explore more and more of the Atlassian Community, I'm delighted to see and hear from many of you all over the world, whether it’s a hello in our Welcome Center, browsing or posting in one of our product forums, or chiming in on a Fun Friday.

Today, I'd love to hear: what's a new hobby you've been enjoying, or one you’d like to try? 

A few months ago, I started learning more about gardening and began my first garden with some free seeds from a neighbor. My favorites so far that I'm exploring include okra, heirloom tomatoes, shishito peppers, pumpkin, and cantaloupe.

I love the surprising connections this hobby has brought, whether that's better noticing what my parents are growing with years of experience, chatting with coworkers who are also starting their first gardens, or seeing what others are growing locally in community gardens. I’m excited to transition mine into our "fall" season here soon 🍂

tenor (1).gif

What about you: what's something new and exciting that you're curious to learn more about right now?

Could you talk about your newfound interest for hours on end? How are you learning more about it? If you're gardening, what are some of your favorite crops that you've grown or would like to try? Leave a note in the comments, or "like" your favorites—I'd love to hear!


Hey Sharon,

Thanks for having me.

A new hobby that I enjoy the most right now is running. Its a recent lifestyle change that I adapted to and no wonder it keeps me on my toes😂.

I started of with a 3k run and slowly but steadily building up for a half marathon.

The best part of the run undoubtedly has to be the runners high.Also, running helps me stay focused and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I can totally relate to the Nike slogan "Just Do it".

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Sep 13, 2020

@Varsha Suresh, happy to hear from you! Runner's high is such a wonderful motivator to keep the habit going—I'm so encouraged by that! It's great to know long-term that you're doing something good for your body as well. Taking walks with my dog keeps me active around the neighborhood and helps keep both of us in a good mood. Thanks for sharing! 

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Hi Sharon, 
My newest hobby is mountain biking. There are a lot of great flow trails in the Seattle area for exploring and new ones getting built each year by the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. Looking forward to when the smoke clears and getting back outside. Running has got to be up there too.

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Sep 17, 2020

@abeddoe That's awesome and sounds beautiful AND fun! I imagine the scenery there is amazing - was considering visiting next month and will have to keep that in mind :) I've done a bit here locally at our greenbelt and local creek parks but did a trip about a month ago to the Big Bend area to ride and it was SO cool. I've got a new bike on my radar for next spring 👀

Julia L. Community Manager Sep 09, 2020

Oh!! What a fun question! During the pandemic, I took (and am still taking!) the opportunity to get really into cycling around my city! 🚲

I’m in Los Angeles where the cars and traffic are very congested, so when everything emptied out, I made the switch to clip-less pedals (the ones that snap into your shoe - I only fell over three times at a complete stop!) and started taking longer and longer bike rides.

I used the opportunity to explore a lot of places that were previously swamped with people. It has become such a fun part of my week and has really helped break up the monotony of staying home during COVID-19. 

tenor (1).gif

^ A fairly accurate representation of my mentality for some rides, just off the stationary bike and into the real world 🚀   Eager to hear what other people have been up to or plan to take up!

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Sep 09, 2020

@Julia mad props for going clipless!! We've had a few local streets in Austin blocked off for pedestrian and bike traffic and it's helped me feel a lot safer biking through the city. Love it!!

Loren Siegel Community Manager Sep 09, 2020

I too started a garden, right around the beginning of the pandemic. We planted cucumbers, tomatoes, 3 kinds of peppers, okra, and watermelon. We also planted a separate herb garden, which is my favorite. I love going out to the garden and snipping fresh herbs for my meal. Our cucumbers and tomatoes we're producing fruit every day, but have since slowed down. However, we have okra than we know what to do with and the plants are over 6 feet tall! I love experiencing the transitional phases of gardening. From seed to fruit to the end of the season, it helps keep track of time during a time when I'm not sure what day it is. 

I'm also excited to plant our fall garden. We are thinking of doing mustard greens, spinach, pole beans, and carrots. Happy gardening!   🌱

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Sep 09, 2020

Snipping fresh herbs is the best @Loren Siegel!! I've also been inspired to get some lettuces going and also have been amazed at how huge okra can get. Can't wait to see and hear about the transition!

Maria Pascarella Community Manager Sep 09, 2020

I've been loving doing puzzles lately - I really enjoy putting a movie or some music on and zoning out in front of one on a weekend afternoon 😌 Here are a couple I worked on recently:

IMG_4404.JPG IMG_5104 (1).jpg

Pretty simple, but a great way to pass a few hours!

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These look amazing - well done!

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Wow looks awesome - especially the one on the right! @Maria Pascarella would you mind sharing where you got this from? Would love to get this for my wife - she's all into puzzles. I don't have the patience for puzzle and get crazy after 5 minutes....

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Maria Pascarella Community Manager Sep 10, 2020

@Fabienne Gerhard Of course - here ya go!

There are a bunch of other fun ones there, too and has a huge selection depending on your style 🙂 

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Kathy Hart Community Leader Sep 11, 2020

I am learning to braid Jesses for falconry. A friend of mine is a falconer and wanted some braided Jesses for her birds. Since I do several types of needlework, she thought I might be able to make them for her. 

So I am learning to do 8 strand round braid using nano paracord. It is an interesting new thing for me. 


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Sharon Tan Community Manager Sep 13, 2020

@Kathy Hart, this is SO cool! I enjoy birdwatching and took a gardening class recently that discussed using paracord in front of windows to keep birds from flying into them. Please share pictures if you think to once they're completed, I'd love to see! 

Also saying hello to some additional newbies to the Atlassian Community—would love to hear a hobby you're into! 

Hey there to @Adriana Rodrigues @aiden @Akash Bansal @Alexander Atran @Andrew Urban!

Hi, @abeddoe @Andrew James @anirban das @Antoine Herman @Asha @Ashley Musik @Bill McInerney!

And hello to @Burhan Ünal CANMAYA @Christof Klaus @Dan Hitt-Haws @Daniel Ford as well! 🙂

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I have recently started writing articles and I am really loving this new hobby.

Sharon Tan Community Manager Nov 04, 2020

Love this, Deepanshu! What kind of themes do you enjoy writing about? I'm also a writer and have been thinking about starting a newsletter :)


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