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Welcome Wednesday: What in the vending machine will get you thought the day?

Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jan 27, 2021

Welcome to another wonderful Wednesday everyone!

I think many of you can probably relate to this scenario.  It's between 2-3pm in the afternoon, your feeling tired, and you need "something" to help you get through the rest of the day.

You cave and decide to grab something from the vending machine to help you make it through the rest of the afternoon.

This week's question, what do you grab from the vending machine to help you get through the day?

For me, I generally lean toward the chips or mixed nuts.  I'm not a big fan of chocolate bars, and straight up sugary candy, while it will absolutely help me get through the afternoon, will make it challenging for me to have much energy for the rest of the evening.

How about everyone else?  Maybe you have a stronger will than I do and you can git through the rest of the afternoon.  Or maybe you head to the coffee machine for a pick me up? 

Please share in the comments!


John Funk Community Leader Jan 27, 2021

It depends on my mood at the time. Sometimes it is sweet and sometimes salty. And depends on the selection. But either a chocolate bar like a Baby Ruth or chips like Sun Chips Cheddar or Chili Cheese Frito's. 

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In the past, when the vending machine was available, Kinder Bueno and Pepsi was always a clear choice.

Luckily we do not have vending machine anywhere near the office now. However, it is substituted by our amazing coffee maker. Sometimes we are able to drink 5-7 coffees through the day (not really healthy :X ), so that is what keeps us awake.

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Kinder Bueno for the win! I am glad that I've been remote since March because I am able to control myself much better in my own pantry. :)

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@Natasha Kinder well you have to love Kinder Bueno with a surname like yours :)) 

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Unfortunately during these Covid times, I raid the whole kitchen, not just the vending machine! :/ I often make "egg salad" (mayo, boiled eggs, ontion, salt, and pepper). I love it with Ritz crackers. Nice and salty with the fattening mayo taste. Dang it, @Jimmy Seddon , now I want some of that!  :)

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Yep - this is a go to for me as well... I guess I know what I will be having for lunch. :)

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jan 27, 2021

@Kristján Geir Mathiesen that sounds fantastic!  I want some too!

@Jimmy Seddon wish I could send some electronically...

Mike Rathwell Community Leader Jan 27, 2021

I would tend to follow along with what @John Funk said, depends on the mood and selection. I also am a fan of Sun Chips Cheddar or Chili Cheese Fritos. Being a misplaced Canadian in California, I also order Hawkins Cheezies from Amazon to have around. Curiously, I was getting out of hand with those and now force myself to wait for the 2 month subscription to roll around.

A few thoughts surrounding vending machines and the current zombie apocalypse: In past workplaces they had an actual vending machine and, while not a financial thing, I often did not have the right currency on hand to raid said vending machine. Saved me from eating Bad Things more than once. When I went to my current place, they did not have vending machines. They went with the well stocked snack bar with far too many good Bad Things readily available. The above mentioned items or... for when I wanted sweet AND salty, any sea salt chocolate/caramel, etc was just the ticket.

Now that we are banished from communal workplaces, my shop got busy and set us up with regular snack box shipments... so... we have those now. Between that and the extra giant size of stuff from Costco... I do have chips, chocolate, and jerky on ready tap to get me through the day when I am staring at a Groovy script that should work but... doesn"t

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Full cooked breakfast yum yum 

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Taranjeet Singh Community Leader Jan 27, 2021

In a vending machine, I mostly prefer to simply take water bottles that keep me fresh, awake and hydrated throughout the day. But sometimes I also like to take "Doritos" in case I am need something for munching while working.

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Mike Rathwell Community Leader Jan 27, 2021

Diet Coke for me but yes. That. 

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When I was younger, and worked at an old-school Silicon Valley hardware manufacturer with an old-school break room with old-school vending machines, it would be Coke or Mountain Dew. And maybe to round it out, a Snickers bar.

Fast forward 20 years, and I was fortunate to work at two of the FANG companies where healthy (and unhealthy) snacks and beverages abound, and in some cases, staffed espresso bars and juice bars. Freshly made cookies! Mozzarella sticks! Freshly squeezed fruit juices! Fancy granola bars. Oh man... 

Talk about spoiled.

But now I'm doing consulting. From home. So my snacks are whatever I've remembered to buy at Trader Joes. Yesterday I picked up these delicious Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies:


The description that they're like Milanos is apt, although the cookies are lighter, so maybe more like Brussels "chocolate lace" cookies, if the cookies were actually thin and light chocolate chip cookies.


Anyways, it remains to be seen how long these will last, as my wife and two teenage boys also enjoyed our taste test last night. :-}

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Love those too !!! :)

Kate Clark Community Manager Jan 27, 2021

In Australia - Twisties or Smiths Salt & Vinegar chips. In the US - hot cheetos, baby! Gimme all the salty snacks.

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Usually I like to have a walk outside with some colleague and then I have a tea. If I go to the machine I'll have a cereal bar or dry fruits. 

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Jan 28, 2021

Are they putting GameStop stock in vending machines yet? 😂

I can’t remember the last time I hit up a vending machine but I am a fan of Cheez-It so that would be my go to.


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1. Coffee - few times a day

2. Some choco bar - once-to feed my brain with sugarbomb. Otherwise I getting sleepy and dumb by 3 PM.

It is not a matter of strong will. It is about practical approach- how am I most productive.

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Daniel Ebers Community Leader Jan 29, 2021

Sometimes it is just the good old candy bar for a Milky Way or similar - but sparingly... :)

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Fadoua Community Leader Feb 02, 2021

My favourite afternoon snack is a hot green tea with some pistachio or sea salted almonds @Jimmy Seddon 

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