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Welcome Wednesday: Is AI & Machine Learning Creepy?

Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Sep 21, 2022

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

In the past I found it very creepy that I would be searching for something on Google, then a few seconds later I'd be on Facebook wishing someone a Happy Birthday and I'd see an advertisement for something I was just looking at.

However, recently I have been very impressed with a number of streaming services and the fact that as long as I'm attaching accurate ratings to the things I watch, I'm getting very good results on recommendations for shows/movies that the platform believes I will enjoy based on what I have said I like and dislike.  A number of these that I have really enjoyed I never would have found in the vast library of things to watch without these recommendations and thus would have missed out on something I really enjoyed.

So my question for everyone this week, What are your thoughts and opinions on AI & Machine learning?  Are we as humans exploring something that will eventually be our new overlords as depicted in so many sci-fi films? Or have we found yet another way to use technology to help everyone?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Have a great rest of the week!


@Jimmy SeddonThanks Jimmy.  I only joined the Community to add my voice to the list of users who hate the changes to Trello labels.  By making it "more accessible" to a minority of users you made it less usable for the majority of us.

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Sep 21, 2022

I think by choosing to speak up you have done the best thing you can in hopes that Atlassian will listen and make a change that will better support your use case.

@Jimmy Seddon. Me too, I only joined the community to give feedback with the all the other users about the new labels. Not happy about the new changes, but glad I have joined the trello community.

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You've described one of the two biggest reasons I don't want to have an Echo or Amazon Hub device.  The second is I know my daughter will repeatedly ask it to play songs like "I'm a Banana" (Onision).

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Sep 21, 2022

HAHA!  That is a very good point @Rob Horan!  I do not own an Echo or a Hub and I don't have any plans to get one.

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It is good to learn AI & Machine learning, just as long they are within control. But as experienced, they can be misused and exploited. Question on invasion of privacy is another matter. IMO.

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Sep 21, 2022

Very good point @Ebe!  It's unfortunate that with every good thing, there are people looking to exploit it for "other" means.

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John Funk Community Leader Sep 21, 2022

I have to admit that it's a little creepy for me. No matter how hard they try, I don't think they will be able to control the proper use of it. It could be a tremendous help, but also an even worse nightmare. 

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I say bring it on. Humans are irrational, and can not be trusted just look at our politicians.

@Joseph Hall 

AI is also irrational and can't always be trusted.

"These robots were trained on AI. They became racist and sexist.

As billions flow into robotics, researchers who conducted the study are concerned about the effects this might have on society" 

Oh great, now we need to worry about the Proud Bots?

Haha Too Funny!!! 

Summer.Hogan Community Leader Sep 21, 2022

I think it has it's purposes, but there has to be controls in place to prevent it from harming us. I agree @Jimmy Seddon that the recommendations on the streaming services are very useful! I also like how hotel apps recommend hotels to you based on your past reservations. There are so many options for hotels out there that I would have missed some good ones without the recommendations!

I am with @Rob Horan on the home devices as well! Those scare me and I have no interest in them! They even look creepy to me! 

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AI - oh heck yes.  Not just creepy, but downright terrifying.

Machine learning, not really.  I think it can, and will, look creepy, but I don't think "expert systems", no matter how well they learn, will be.

I think "creepy" implies sentience behind it.  An expert system doesn't have that.  A proper AI does.

I'm <mumble> years old and started reading SF at quite a young age having a basic grasp of the three laws of robotics and why it's important to know where your towel is (still haven't worked out what the pain in all the diodes down my left side though) well before I made it to secondary school 

I grew up on a diet of SF that had robots in it.  I mean, being English, you get taught a lot of Shakespeare at school, and that has a robot in it, and, well, "The Doctor".  But stuff like Blake's 7 (contrast Zen, a google assistant, with Orac, who was sentient could read the entire internet encrypted or not), 'droids in all sorts of films and so-on.

But it was when my dad took me to see Star Wars: A New Hope one week, and then 2001: A Space Odyssey the next that started me worrying about it. 

HAL-9000  saying "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that" is such a creepy line. 

I think the first bit of it loses something in translation into any other language (including American, Australian and Canadian English), but the distinction between "I can't", "I won't", "I don't want to", and all the other things HAL could have said there is very telling about how we think about AI.

Then I stumbled into a bookshop that had Gibson's new "Neuromancer" book in the SF section that was next to the comics I was looking for (ABC Warriors), and I wandered off with two books that told me that the future of AI is seriously "creepy".

It's not got creepy as fast as I expected, but we're on that path.

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@Jimmy Seddon though  AI & Machine learning is great , but i always believe human intelligence was and will always be above all of them.

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