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Konstantin Nazarov November 4, 2020

Hello community, hello @Monique vdB !

The decks of the yacht do not creak under me today, but a walk through the pine forest awaits me today. The pine forest is that wonderful freedom place. In addition to the pine forest, there is another place where you feel free… It is... 

(environment & Wednesday in Russian they are written and pronounced the same way [sreda]. So the question "How do you like this environment/ Wednesday" from the Jira community written in Russian has 2 meanings:)))

Give freedom for growth to those who have just entered the environment Jirs and have not yet waxed into the business with Jira, those who have not yet started bringing a new product to the world using the Jira environment, those who have not yet begun to bring millions of dollars to product owners, development teams, themselves and Atlassian is an attitude that deserves respect for a great future ahead and deserves loyalty to the Brand Atlassian. The very open door not for a while, but for the size of the business makes me confident at the start that I will not be late. Provides time to prepare the environment to begin with. (environment & Wednesday in Russian they are written and pronounced the same way [sreda]. So the question "How do you like this environment/ Wednesday" from the Jira community written in Russian has 2 meanings:))

Having very substantial experience in project management in the field of IT, construction and instrumentation, I prepared an environment Jira for a project of any complexity based on the successful practices known to me in my country and the Scrum framework as my adaptation of them. There is no limit to perfection. I'm fine-tuning the Jira setup for now.

At the time of "today" in the new generation Scrum projects, "automation" using Smart values ​​is not yet available, but the automation button is already provided, and in the new generation Kanban projects, automation is already functioning. I didn't automate everything, the confluence report forms are not fully ready yet, but I'm ready to role-play in Jira with community members who want to accept it.

I have not announced the event yet, but this event will require 9 people + me. Who can participate, let me know. I will inform you about the start. This is not an obligation on your part. This message is about your interest.

But, if the community is active and we immediately see enough people who want to, then we will role-play in my Jira project as quickly as possible, and this is what will cheer me up this Wednesday. How do you like this Wednesday, @Monique vdB

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Konstantin Nazarov November 4, 2020

Anyway, guys, this is a community comment fixed in the top. Here the community welcomes the newcomers. To arrange a creative movement here is right. I'm right? Here we are all just arrived in community. We all have Jira. Everyone wants to get to know Jira better, get a skill, organize a circle (community) of professional communication. My idea is, let's invite each other to visit our Jira projects. You see my invitation above. Who is ready to answer the same - it's super! Let's try! Why not? It will be fun at least:)))

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carolyn french
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
November 5, 2020

Would love to see the set-up you've done @Konstantin Nazarov ! Maybe you can present as an Atlassian Community Event? ACEs always cheer me up, because I love talking Jira and connecting up with others :) 


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Kat Warner
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
November 5, 2020

Hello @Konstantin Nazarov

I will definitely be quizzing my Russian colleagues about the shared word for Wednesday and environment. Languages are fascinating. 


Here is an example of English weirdness: 

“A rough-coated, dough-faced, thoughtful ploughman strode through the streets of Scarborough; after falling into a slough, he coughed and hiccoughed.”

The 4 letters "ough" are pronounced 8 different ways in this sentence! More details.


I share glimpses of the Jira projects I work with through articles and discussions in the community. I am unable to invite people i to view them directly due to NDA and other privacy/security requirements.

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Dave Liao
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
November 5, 2020

@Konstantin Nazarov - "there is no limit to perfection" is true, especially when related to knowledge work:

  • How well can you mow a lawn?
  • How well can you write a report?
  • How well can you design a Jira project? ;-p

I'm curious about your Jira project configuration!

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Konstantin Nazarov November 10, 2020

I returned from a pine forest and immediately write answers to everyone who has responded to my post. I contacted the place where newcomers are welcomed and 3 community leaders responded. Hof ... It's cool. Newcomers, what other sign do you need to join? Newcomers, 3 community leaders expressed a desire to see, criticize my project. I am Newcomer. I am here. Newcomers, Why aren't you here yet?:)) After quite a bit of time in the thread, I will reply to all three... Or rather so. This is the answer to all of you.

The answer has 3 personal parts.



To: @carolyn french 

Perhaps I do not fully understand the purpose of the ACE mechanism, and I should start with it, but, probably, at this first event of mine I am too humble to offer it through the ACE mechanism :))

According to Dave Liao's idea, the role-playing game could be “mowing the lawn”. How do you like this idea?

When I prepare the environment for the role play, I will send you an invitation.



To: @Kat Warner 

There is something to puzzle over. As a sign of reciprocal courtesy, I can share with you the lost meaning of the English fairy tale about Goldilocks, which has become a part of modern science, as an indication of the optimal equilibrium state of the system. I got interested in this question from the original source. And the fairy tale before its transposition was written in poetic form in Old English ("The story of the three bears", 2-nd ed. London, Wright, 60, Pall-Mall. 1839). The tale was not about a girl, but about a gray-haired old woman, but the moral of this tale was very common - one should not get into someone else's property without permission.


The old woman climbed into a strange house to the bears and now nothing is known about her, and as an assumption, the narrator gives three options for her sad fate. Those. the original Srebrovlaska (Silverocks) before its translation into the tale of Goldilocks could be for modern science an example of exactly the opposite case, namely the events that came to the sad end of Srebrovlaska, to the death of Srebrovlaska, and not to her even sleep in the middle bed, as is now commonly believed for Goldilocks ... Such an inversion of the moral of a fairy tale seems to me very funny :)).

Of course, I understand that some people have obligations to keep their projects confidential. If I had the same obligations, I would not have made an offer. The proposal does not make a commitment to reciprocity. When I prepare the role play, I will send you an invitation. How do you like the Dave Liao idea of mowing the lawn?



To: @Dave Liao 


Under the methodological guidance of the Project Manager, the target product (lawn) will be described by the product owner, or described by me, but with his signature, as a document coming from the product owner (“father”). With "lawn mowing". Frankly, the Agile term, "lawn mowing" (Goal product "lawn mowing") you used was new to me, but that does not mean that I am bad at it :) Given that, “father” in my project will be the Product Owner. The landscaping team is hired (or a family whith “father”,how it happens:))), and the Project Manager (me) is a hired head by the landscaping team (by Scrum Development team), with the understanding that “mowing the lawn” is not an Agile project in the broadest sense Agile methodology, but a Scrum project, as part of Agile methodology, according to Agile philosophy. Then we will mow the lawn, even if on Its place is now a house :)) I must say right away that Father is responsible for writing user stories in my project, he is also responsible for the Product Backlog. This does not mean that the father will be left alone with the Product Backlog, but the father will clearly understand each line of the Product Backlog.


We can role-play "lawn mowing". I can prepare her. Do you want to take on the role of the Father of the Family? Can you describe what is the current situation with the lawn? I admit that now there may be a pool in its place, or a plot of land has not yet been purchased :)) For Russia, this is a normal situation when the desire to make a barbecue in country house leads to the purchase of land and build a house. This Product (Scrum goal Product) can be called "Cooking a barbecue [shashlyk] in a personal cottage":)))

I am currently engaged in the development of reports. Several will be done for role-playing. There will be no complete set. Also, the project I set up is next generation Scrum. Smart value does not work in it yet (in next generation Scrum). The peculiarity of Jira is that Jira is reluctant to give Story-points to the standard dashboard, and does not have a sum tool for it. I don't have a system solution yet, but I get the storypoints, and I can make a report on their amount. (While I will wait for Smart value, for a new generation of Scrum or write a plugin). I will always have time to connect the subscription plugin, but at this stage I hope that I can prepare the solution myself. Now I have a solution, but it is not ideal. My answer is as it is, and my answer is in line with the values of Scrum. What do you, as the father of the family, want to see in the report that will be formed for you? Maybe you, as the father of the family, want barbecue?:)


“How well can you design a Jira project? ;-p” or... may be, Dave Liao COMMUNITY LEADER, your question can be understood like this: Konstantin, how good is your Kung Fu in project with Jira?:))

My Kung Fu in projects inherits the ancient Soviet design technique GOST ESKD, GOST ESTD, GOST SRPP:))). This is the path from the moment when there is still no idea about the Goal Product to a mass-produced product. Before the idea of a product, there is a task for the solution of which the Goal product is required. With the lawn, as Goal product, it looks like this: Children need to play somewhere, children need to be active, children need clean air, children need a place to communicate with friends, we need a nice object to look at, my wife wants to sunbathe. Question. Which Goal product will solve the problem? Answer. Basement with air purifier, treadmill, billiards, solarium ... Oh, yes, I forgot, and with a statue of Aphrodite... or with “Plasma-tv”:)) Why not a lawn? The lawn needs to be mow:))) Hmm .. Probably for this reason in my country there are not so many lawns in private houses, like basements with billiards and plasma:)) Not all things in the ancient Soviet were done according to these design technique, but the things that they did were done well. GOST ESKD is enough for barbecue. Jira is a environment. There are environments that may not allow the project manager's vision to be realized and require detailed descriptions of business processes and routes. This approach reduces the likelihood of human error. Jira allows me to fully implement my plan of management, but it keeps the risk of human error (in Jira next generation Scrum project). I accept this as a limitation in the system, which needs to be paid attention to and I accept that there will be errors, they must be correctly taken into account. I have prepared this part. According to the Scrum guide - my employer is a development team, and I am a servant leader for them. Even if we are talking about an enterprise, then the organizational structure should be such that Scrum does not break. The development team is interested in making as few mistakes as possible. It is my responsibility to ensure that there are no errors on the part of the Product owner. And I myself will be responsible to the employer for my mistakes. So in a Scrum project, participants have no motive to sabotage and the design should work with the desire of each team member not to make mistakes. Errors will be random. Not every mistake  will be revealed in time, but Scrum is good because there is a Retrospective among its events. Project manager can always take into account the mistakes made earlier. Are we mowing the lawn? When I prepare the role play, I will send you an invitation. 

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