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Welcome Wednesday: What are your plans/aspirations for 2022?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It's now 2022! Last week I was asking about resolutions or guiding principals! How many of you have broken yours already. I know I'm struggling a bit with the guiding principal of: Balance.

Which brings me to today's topic/question. With a new year I'm always excited to take on new projects and "do all the things".

So my question is, what do you have planned to start working on this year? It could be a new project at work (maybe you are looking to explore something new in the Atlassian Suite like Compass?) Or it could be something personal.

For myself, I have a couple of things going on. Work-wise, my team has been exploring all the features of JSM and the next thing I need to start looking into for my team is how we can incorporate Opsgenie into our process and workflow.

In a personal manner, I decided to start up a YouTube channel that I plan to use to augment my contributions to the Atlassian Online Community.  I plan to regularly add content there which I will also be cross-posting here on the Community.

Alright, it's your turn! Let me know about all your plans and aspirations for 2022!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!


@Jimmy Seddon thanks for the check-in!

2022 Goals Update

  • Still on track with Participation.
    • Took the deep dive and joined as an Atlassian Community Leader
    • Have been focusing on delegating for elevating - and not just doing things myself.
  • Cycling Goals
    • Already have 3 indoor rides under my belt (believe me, my belt can use some less stress!)
    • Been focusing on smaller wins - not every Zwift ride needs to be 90 minutes at full gas. 30-45 minutes and taking it easy will have me ahead of my annual goal (even if it means my average ride is shorter)

I've also dived into Trello as my new Atlassian drug of choice, joining Confluence and Jira in the toolbox. I am trying to learn something new each day, and since I started utilizing Trello in late december have seen my daily productivity rise.

So, rising productivity and falling waistline - ON TRACK!

P.S. I am also subscribed to Jimmy Talks Jira and adding that my goals!

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jan 05, 2022

@Andy Gladstone great to hear that you are having such a successful start to 2022!  Also, thank you for subscribing to the channel!  I hope it will be a great addition to my contributions here in the community.

Erica Moss Community Manager Jan 05, 2022

Why is that frog graphic making me chuckle so much though? 😂

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My goal for 2022 is to get even more involved in the Atlassian Community :D

Personal goals: Learn or continue a hobby!  I love reading books so if I can just continue to do that through the year I'll be happy.  I'd also love to do some more cross stitching and maybe even learn embroidery.

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jan 05, 2022

Great to hear @Kristin Lyons!  My wife has been working on some cross stitching over the past few months.  I don't think I have the patience or the finger co-ordination to be able to do it myself.

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Taranjeet Singh Community Leader Jan 05, 2022

Thanks for 1st Welcome Wednesday post of of the year 2022.

I am looking forward to your YouTube Channel. I am going to subscribe to it soon.


Recent Professional Goal: To help customers in their migration journey to Cloud in this new year.

Currently, I am working with one such customer to help migrate their Jira and Confluence Server instances to Atlassian Cloud. It is going to be a great learning for me as well as I am going to use JCMA for the first time for Jira migration. I have always used Site XML import method before this. 

Have a wonderful year ahead!

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jan 05, 2022

That's great to hear @Taranjeet Singh!  As someone who did a Cloud Migration myself, thank you for helping others get to the wonderful world of the Cloud!  Also, thank you for subscribing!  I really appreciate all the support.

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Hello @Jimmy Seddon 
Thanks for such a warm welcome!

The journey has been going so much fun and loving to learn and solve the problem of other members.

Thanks & Regards,

Zulfiqar Bin Zafar

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I don't think I'll be taking up any new projects this year. I've already got a pile from last year. 🤣


-learning Greek and Spanish

-writing a novel with my husband

-doing that song writing that I've been putting off for years

-using more yarn than I buy

-writing lore for a computer game (and making my own game)

-setting out on my own as a freelance linguistic consultant

-do yoga and weight lifting regularly

-getting to being able to run more than ten feet without getting winded

and more. Whatever happens I shouldn't be bored in 2022 🤣

(or, as someone put it 2020 II 🤔)

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@Jimmy Seddon 

Great, I have new years resolutions/aspirations in emotional and personal goals.

For example, I want to learn new things, know more places (respecting the Covid), and be even more healthy (mind and body).

With these, I'll be able to do many other things.

Have a lovely year!

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jan 07, 2022

I love that @Patrícia Fortunato Montenegro!

I wish you all the success with your goals!

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Thank you, @Jimmy Seddon, 🤩🙏🏽, 

I wish the same for all of us.

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Hello everybody!

I am "new" to the Community and for 2022 am really looking to promote #ADHD awareness - which I personal consider not a dirty word but a NEURODIVERGENT SUPER POWER - by sharing a lot of my experiences and how I overcame plenty of challenges over the past (almost) 4 decades of life.

On top of that share my love of all things #Trello and how it is a GREAT tool for someone with ADHD.

That means being quite active here with articles, questions, answers and more! Exciting.

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jan 07, 2022

To quote a good friend, that is AMAZEBALLZ!  Welcome to the Community @Andy - Urban Gorilla Boy ;)

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Tis a good friend! They are lucky to be friends with someone like you @Jimmy Seddon

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