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Throwback Thursday: What was your first computer/game console? #TBT

It's Thursday!


I am super stoked about this post; to see your responses 💻 🕹️🎮🖥️

Can you see this beaut below?


Jepsí Pepsi! That was my very first computer. Commodore 64k. Don't remember when I got it - probably fall of 1982. My dad bought a small color TV as a monitor. I purchased a magazine at the bookstore and coded up a whole game from it! (i.e. copy-paste the old fashion way) Loaded the game but got an error. Fixed it but then another error and another error. Yeah, needless to say, that game never loaded :) But I did give it a fair try...


In the beginning, I had a cassette player to load the games but I eventually ended up with a disk drive and typewriter/printer setup. Man, those were the dayz :) Some fun history. 

What about you - what was your first computer or game console?

Let’s make it a great Thursday!


My first game system was ATARI. Had pixels as images. 

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Nintendo. Not sure which one, but it woulda been circa 1988 ish.

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We talking 1982 then let's take it back to 


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I'm not sure they count as consoles as they were single game machines, but I remember my parents getting me two handheld game machines, one was a pair of robots trying to shoot each other while dodging shots from the other, and the other a chess player.

My first general purpose "games" machine was the Vic20 (the predecessor to the C64 you've got in your post, which was the next one...)

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Fun to read about your computers/game consoles :) Thanks for sharing.

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ yeah I remember Vic20! 

@Duane Harlick I remember playing on this Nintendo in 1988


For those of you that also had C64k and want some more nostalgia, check out these wallpapers :)

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jul 29, 2021

Ha!  I love it @Kristján Geir Mathiesen!

Ok, I'm going to provide two answers to this.

1) My first video game console was a Nintendo Entertainment System which I also got around the same time as @Duane Harlick.

2) My first computer was an intel 386 running Windows 3.1 with a whopping 80 Mb hard drive.

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My first game console was an original NES and I still have it 33 years later!   it doesn't work on any of my tv's without an adapter and the only game i have is friday the 13th but i still remember when it first arrived and my parents wouldn't give up the controller.

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@Jimmy Seddon  sounds about like my first computer. Same specs. Can't remember how much RAM it had though. Not much...  :)

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@april.delepine  that is so awesome! Hang on to it!!! 

I remember playing Motocross and Duck Hunt on the original NES. My friend had the console.


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Taranjeet Singh Community Leader Jul 29, 2021

That's an interesting post, @Kristján Geir Mathiesen ! I never got my own game console but I was fond of video games and used to play them at gaming shops or arcades near my home.

My first computer I bought when I was in school was a customized or assembled one with hardware parts from different companies, but I remember it was an Intel Celeron processor and Windows 98 OS.

But those days were really fun!

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@Taranjeet Singh  using someone else's computer/gaming console counts too :) Gaming shops, forgot about them! Fun stuff.

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Great topic! This nostalgia! My entry into bits and bytes was the Amiga 500 on which then ran gems like Defender of the Crown, Monkey Island or Ports of Call.

@Thorsten Letschert _Decadis AG_  Ahhh, those Amiga's were cool. Couple of my friends had them. I had totally forgot all about them :) Thanks for sharing, man! I think the magazine I mentioned was Byte, now that I read your post and think of it.

My first system was a C= 64 (Commodore 64), but we used the tv as the monitor, disk drive and a dot matrix printer, which I used all the way into college. I taught myself BASIC programming in 1 day. Still fond memories of starting my IT career on that machine and using the 300 baud modem to dial into local bulletin board systems (and get a meal while it loaded the pages).

John M Funk Community Leader Jul 29, 2021

The first computer I used was a TRS-80 with a cassette recorder to save the program. The first I owned was a Commodore 64.

My first computer was just a regular PC (around 1994) and I've never had my own gaming console. I didn't really start playing console games until I met my husband (20 years ago! How time flies!) and we started with the Playstation 2 (he used to own a PS1 but it had died :p). Now we have two PC's, two laptops, three Playstations (2-4), a Nintendo DS, a tablet, and three phones to play games on. I daresay we won't run out of games any time soon :p

Hahaha, @Thorhalla Gudmundsdottir Beck , jáNEI! You won't be running out of devices to play games on :)

My older brother have Atari 1040 STfm. That was the first computer I had access to. We used it with our TV set so we had to agree on times when we can use it with our parents.

It have 1MiB of RAM and 3,5" DD floppy drive.

I still remember playing a lot of games, most of them were on single floppy, but there were some like Elvira: Mistress of the Dark that needed multiple so we had to change them during the gameplay.

My first computer was a Commodore Amiga, i had both a cassete player and a floppy drive to store my data. But somehow i don't remeber a lot of this computer anymore. 

After some time my nephew bought an intel 386 and he had a hard drive of 50 Megabytes, as i was a little bit jealous i bought a 386 too. But mine had a hard drive of 80 Megabytes and 2 megabytes of ram. The price i paid for that one was 100.000 belgian franks (converted to euros that would be 2500 €)

In family gatherings we still talk about the 1 comment that my nephew had about my new pc back then. 

"80 Megabytes? Are you an idiot, you will never be able to fill that amount of space during your lifetime"

Now i own multiple pc's and laptops with harddrives ranging from 500 GB up to 2 GB, and 3 NAS devices with the largest NAS that has 5 hard drives of 8 GB in raid 5 config  

Fun Man Andy Community Leader Jul 30, 2021

Fricking EPIC discussion @Kristján Geir Mathiesen 🌟👏

Mine was the legendary AMSTRAD CPC
I sadly cannot remember the model but it was green screen with a standard keyboard (no tape/floppy drives! Super cheap version)
I was 9 when my father no longer needed it at work as his receptionist needed a whole new system and brought it home for us to play.
MANN! What a system! All the games had to be coded from a manual first and it took hours. If you wanted to play a game boy you really had to EARN it. Bugs were crazy like hell as well.
What an experience.

Sadly, being so deprecated it got chucked in the end and quickly, because age 11 I finally got my hands on a 2nd hand NES, and thus my obsession with Nintendo commenced. Happy days!


Fun Man Andy Community Leader Jul 30, 2021

@Jimmy SeddonI failed middle school exams thanks to DUCK. Happy days!!!!!

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Man oh man! All these memories. I had totally forgotten about the Amstrad CPC @Fun Man Andy  but now that I see the picture of it again, I think a friend of mine had one.

Naughty DUCK! Making people fail middle school exams...   :)

@Dave Bosman _Realdolmen_  that comment from your nephew is hilarious, at least nowadays and in hindsight :) He will be hearing about it for the rest of his life, I bet.

@Peter Domankus  3,25" DD floppy drive! That was a sweet piece of equipment back then, very noice!

My first computer was a Commodore 16 :)

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jul 30, 2021

@Fun Man Andy let's be clear... during middle school I had my favorite computer ever.. it was an intel Pentium 1 - MMX (MultiMedia Extensions).  I upgraded that with a Voodoo3 graphics card and it was Diablo 1 that I was playing WAY to much of ;)

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