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Throwback Thursday: What nickname do people call you? #TBT

It's Thursday!
In Iceland, a nickname for Kristján is Stjáni and I got called that by my friends (and some of my old friends still call me that). In 1987, however, I went to America to be an exchange student for a year. Just before I arrived, one of the sons in the family was talking to his friend about my arrival. And the friend asked about my name. They had a hard time pronouncing my last name and then the friend said: "sounds like the author Hans Christian Andersen!" So from then on, I was called Hans - the whole year I stayed there. This was a small town and even to this day, when I go and visit, people in that town call me Hans. Most of them don't even know my real name :)
So, what nickname do people call you?
Let’s make it a great Thursday!


Arguably, my nickname is just "Nic" - it's a contraction of my full name

It landed me in some trouble when trying to fly back from a Barcelona Team event once - my colleagues booked everything as "Nic", and of course, my boarding pass then did not match my passport...

The only real nickname that stuck was in the job I had before I moved to Adaptavist.  I was the main Jira admin, and everyone knew it.  In a meeting, one of my colleagues was trying to say "talk to Nic about Jira" which came out as "Ask Nira".  It stuck.

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John Funk Community Leader Aug 18, 2022

Well, with my last name, I got called all kinds of things  :-)

More recently at my previous work, I was a Kanban Coach and taught Kanban classes. One group of guys hung the name Johnban on me. You have to use the more Americanized pronunciation of Kanban (ban in this case rhymes with John, so more like con-bon and not the non-Americanized pronunciation of can-ban). 

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Phill Fox Community Leader Aug 18, 2022

As a kid there was nowhere near the range of forenames that seem to be used these days.  What this meant was everyone got nicknames. But as kids they were never very imaginative so I was known for many years as Foxy. And indeed to this date old friends will still use that name over my given name. 

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LOVE reading these :)


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When we started hanging out (we never did traditional dating) my husband took to calling me Tex. The official explanation was that he had another person with the same name as me in his phone and needed something else but I think it was probably because with his damaged short term memory it took him about two months to remember my name 😝

Later when I went on Facebook I used Tex so many people who have only known me through some kind of Facebook connection always call me Tex. 

As for why Tex, you'd have to ask my husband. 😝

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Hello, husband of @Thorhalla Gudmundsdottir Beck Why do you call her Tex?

P.s. that is awesome!

@Kristján Geir Mathiesen Ok, so for the sake of research I asked him and he said "cause you looked like a skinny southern dude." 😂😂😂😂😂

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@Thorhalla Gudmundsdottir Beck hahaha, takk fyrir research'ina. Funny!

@Phill Fox  - I promise I will not mention that in any of our internal meetings (unless someone hands us a good line that embarrasses you or might get a good laugh)

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Taranjeet Singh Community Leader Aug 20, 2022

Great topic, @Kristján Geir Mathiesen !

My real nick name is "Sunny" and my old friends, and relatives call me by that name only. But, mostly the colleagues at any of my jobs have either called me by my first name "Taranjeet" or by my short name "Taran", if they find my first name to be long or difficult to pronounce.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Phill Fox Community Leader Aug 21, 2022

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_  Having just spent some time yesterday with some old friends I would probably not even notice. 

Andy Gladstone Community Leader Aug 26, 2022

@Kristján Geir Mathiesen (Hans - short for Han Solo!) I had a few nicknames in my youth and teen years that stuck. The obvious one was Gladbag. With the plethora of commercials in the 1980's espousing the reliability of that garbage bag brand, I naturally was called Gladbag until 8th grade.

In high school I became Keanu. I cannot remember which classmate started it, but it stuck - and as Keanu Reeve's popularity grew the nickname followed me beyond high school into the first few years of post-high school education. We used to share a similarity in our appearance - but not anymore. (DM me if you need pictures for proof).

Since my professional career started there have been no nicknames bestowed upon me. Personally though my local cycling club nicknamed me Shakespeare - and that stuck. Mostly due to my novel Strava ride names in the 2015-2017 era and my cycling related poetry blog.

Love it @Andy Gladstone , just love it! Thanks for sharing. Have a fabulous weekend!

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Crazy 🤪 Pappito

Fabian Lim Community Leader Sep 30, 2022

Fab, Fabs, Fabi, "el che" (since I'm from Argentina).


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