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Throwback Thursday: What is the earliest memory that you have? #TBT

It's Thursday!


Some people have amazing memory (or at least glimpses) and can remember things that happened when they were 2 or 3 years old! My earliest memory, that I can verify, is running away from the bully at pre-school. So I must have been 5 or younger at that time. I was in a pre-school ran by nuns and there was this one particular kid what was a real bully. Poor chap continued on that path and got into all kinds of trouble later in life. Anyway, he was chasing me and I was trying to get away and ran to the nuns.

My wife remembers getting bit by a dog. Seems like traumatic experiences early on cement memories. I hope I am not digging up some bad memories, really hope not.  


What about you - what is the earliest you can remember and how do you date it?

Let’s make it a great Thursday!



John Funk Community Leader Jan 13, 2022

Ouch, that's a tough one. I see old photographs when I was little and sometimes think I remember that, but I think not really, it's just the photo. I remember going to nursery school, so that would have been when I was 3 or 4. 

I think I remember meeting @Jack Brickey then - but he was already an old man. 

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Andy Gladstone Community Leader Jan 13, 2022

I am not sure I would have maintained this memory so long had I not needed to write about this exact topic in AP Psychology in my senior year of high school. I’ve lived more of my life since that time than was between the original memory and the recall for the assignment. 
My earliest memory is tied to the olfactory sense - and I recall it whenever I smell saw dust. 
I was 2.5 years old and sitting on my mother’s lap in the middle of our home’s kitchen. She was pregnant with my younger brother - not much lap left for me - and my parents were in the middle of renovating the kitchen and floors on the main level of our home. Sawdust was the predominant scent and somehow that caused the memory to be lodged in my brain. 

I don’t call my mother often enough. Thanks for the reminder @Kristján Geir Mathiesen !

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John Funk Community Leader Jan 13, 2022

Maybe that's why I remember Jack back then - seems he had the scent of sawdust back then as well. 

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Jack Brickey Community Leader Jan 13, 2022

I'm trying to remember what I did yesterday!

I don't recall what age it was for sure but it was early. I would come in after waking up in the morning and wrap my arms and legs around my mothers leg while she was cooking breakfast in the kitchen. She would walk around the kitchen with me holding on until I woke up. Around the same time I recall climbing behind the couch on winter mornings to be near the register so that I can warm up.

I also remember spoon feeding mushed up peas and carrots to @John Funk when I was 25. 🤣

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John Funk Community Leader Jan 13, 2022

@Jack Brickey  - Maybe I will return the favor for you at Team '22 this year - but put your teeth in for it!

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jan 13, 2022

I got this!  This one is easy because this question seems to come up a lot in my circles.

I was 4 when my Dad took me on my very first ride of a restored steam engine.  There was a heritage railway museum about 30 minutes from where I grew up, and my Dad always was (and still is to this day) a huge train buff.

But I distinctly remember getting to ride on a train "just like Thomas the Tank Engine".

Thanks @Kristján Geir Mathiesen!

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I think my earliest memory would be first grade (which then was called 0 grade) being bored out of my skull because I already knew how to read and write and we had to do this really crappy learning-your-ABC's crap 😂

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And @Jimmy Seddon has grown up to become a very useful engine!

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Jan 13, 2022

@Andy Gladstone you joke, but as it happens to be James is my middle name.  I was named after both of my grandfathers, and my first name is actually Thomas ;)

Thanks all for sharing. I am so glad @Andy Gladstone that this post prompted you to call your mom. That made my day to know that a little, simple post is doing some good in the world! Love it.

@John Funk and @Jack Brickey are at it again. They might have to be put in time out - does that spur any additional memories?  :)

That is cool @Jimmy Seddon and I am sure sweet memory as well.

@Thorhalla Gudmundsdottir Beck they should have started you in 2nd grade... give your mind some challenge!

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And now I am interested, how long have you known each other @John Funk & @Jack Brickey ?

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Same as @John Funk .. I can't quite remember my first memory, I get it mixed up because I watch home movies and see photographs of me when I was younger.  I want to say an earlier memory is me with my younger brother when he was crawling around and trying to touch/eat everything :)

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John Funk Community Leader Jan 13, 2022

Okay, that's just freaky @Jimmy Seddon 

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I remember being at my grandmother's house while my mother went shopping.  All the dining room chairs were standing in a row in the hallway because they were cleaning the dining room floor.  I was playing underneath the chairs - pretending that the legs of the chairs formed a tunnel that I crawled through.  I remember wondering what it would be like to have a brother or sister, because my parents told me that I was going to have one soon.  My sister was born one week before my third birthday, so I must have been two years old.  I also remember sitting on my grandmother's bed when my dad fetched my mother and my new baby sister from the hospital and I met her for the first time.  I was disappointed that she was just a little baby and not someone that I could play with.

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John Funk Community Leader Jan 13, 2022

@Kristján Geir Mathiesen  - maybe a year? And we haven't really met. hahaha 

Hoping to see Jack and others in person for the first time at Team '22. I probably owe him and @Liam Green a beer for the grief I cause them. 

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@Kristján Geir Mathiesen 

Hahaha, great push!

My earliest memory was when I had three years, I don't know how I can remember, but it's a glimpse.

My parents and I were having lunch in the garden. I had a chicken thigh in my hand in front of a cat. (for him to get away from me and go away, mama saw the risk there)

My mom said: Patty give the chicken thigh to the cat. But Patty did not release the piece of chicken for the kitten to take. So I held the chicken drumstick, and the cat came forward, biting the chicken until it reached my index finger. So, hahaha, I have the tiny scar on the cat's teeth on my finger and the brand of my one and only "street fight" in my life.


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Fun Man Andy Community Leader Jan 13, 2022

Wait... it's already Thursday...!? $h!t !!!! Where does time fly to??

My earliest memory is +/- 3 yr old.

We went on a long trip in the car and at some point took a break, having drinks and snacks by the car.

My much-older brother and sisters went running through a field. I chased after them. I couldn't keep up. I crapped my pants. I cried.

The end.

(So happy I wasn't wearing my beloved Speedos...) 🩲💩🚫🙅

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Hahaha @Fun Man Andy  so glad you weren't... I thought maybe your first memory was when you got your first Speedos at age 25 months...

@Patrícia Fortunato Montenegro oh man, that is quite the story! The cat's way of saying: Hello Patty :)

That is too funny, @NelCapeTown  "she was just a little baby and not someone that I could play with" Expectation management wasn't up to par, huh...  :)

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Fun Man Andy Community Leader Jan 13, 2022

@Kristján Geir Mathiesen HAHAHA!!

See Slack DM for my response... it's total TMI! Not for public community...

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Sorry, I am late to this party!

As such there are a lot of childhood memories I have but one of them I still remember is that my father used to take us all to the local city park-cum-zoo every Sunday. There was a big black elephant statue installed at somewhat darker corner of the park which I was always scared of going to. I was about 5 years ago when I first saw that statue.

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