How do I get into Technical Writing? What programs or training can I receive here?

I am a creative writer who desires to get into the Technical Writing field. I took a class in college and really enjoyed it. I have some experience with being pushed into Tech Writing duties with my employer simply because they did not have actual Tech Writers on staff. However, I was not getting paid for what I was doing. I looked at bootcamps and an actual Technical Communications bachelors degree program. I seek help in understanding the best and most cost-effective path to get employment and secure a spot in this field. 

There are many Technical Writing positions but they all seem to desire different things. I am hearing that I don't need a degree in Computer Science and that often the best Tech Writers are those English majors or Creative Writers who have switched over to IT fields or Tech Writing roles. Please give insight.

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I'm going to school for technical writing right now! You're right to note that there is a large variety of what employers expect from a "technical writer". I've interned at my company as a technical writer for over a year now and I've done everything from light CSS coding to rewriting policies.

For my education, I completed my associate's at a community college to save money, and am now attending a four-year university for Professional Writing and Communication, with a minor in Literature.

Since you are already carrying out technical writing duties, I would continue exploring that avenue. (especially getting paid for it) Another thing you can investigate is job listings for technical writers in your area or areas you might want to move to. That might give you a better idea of what education you'll need.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any more questions!

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