Topic Tuesday: Holiday Shindigs

Billy here.  

As the AUG is preparing for the upcoming holiday season, we're reaching out to see what your thoughts are a place we could celebrate.  

We're planning to link up with NOVA AUG so we can combine our forces in the Arlington area.  

Should we do a secret Santa? 

What if we did the gift exchange but with stickers instead of gifts?  We all bring stickers to trade.  

How could we make it friendly to those with kids/ pets?

How many holiday cookies are too many...?


Oh I know!  But at least I'm not the crazy one! ;)

A dozen cookies per person is the norm I suspect.

BillyP Community Leader Nov 01, 2018

Yes!!  Everyone brings cookies, everyone leaves with cookies!!  I like this!!

Secret Santa is not a bad idea! I'm using Elfster for the Secret Santa exchange in my department but food is always a hit! LOL


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