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Created Dec 2, 2020, Last active Jun 7, 2021

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  • Finding qualified Jira/Confluence applicants?

    ...s the posting if anyone is interested:

    David Cowley started a discussion 2 1 06-03-2021
  • Summit 2020 Las Vegas.

    Hey ACE member,   Just a quick note to let you know that Super Fan pricing for Atlassian Summit 2020 registration ends this Friday, Nov 15th, 2019. This is the lowest price that will be offe...

    Deleted user
    1 0 11-14-2019
  • New Confluence Editor

    Atlassian are rolling out a new editor in Confluence Cloud.  It is a phased project, and you should spend some time looking at it.  Not all existing content will be compatible with the new ...

    Deleted user
    2 0 11-13-2019
  • Potential Atlassian User Group Event in December?

    Re-post here in case people didn't have a chance to read the ACE email: Atlassian staff have contacted us asking if we can setup an Atlassian Community Event during the week of Dec 16-20th, 2019. Th...

    Frieda Tang started a discussion 2 3 10-25-2019
  • Jira Software 8.5 and Jira Service Desk 4.5 Enterprise releases are here

    Enterprise releases are now called Long Term Support releases As of June 29th, 2020, Enterprise releases are now called Long Term Support releases. The security bug fix policy for these rel...

    Frieda Tang started a discussion 0 0 10-24-2019
  • Suggestions for Venues

    We are planning a meetup of the user group for Wed Nov 13th 2019.  However, we will not be able to use the Unbounce location this time.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a good location th...

    Deleted user
    0 0 10-18-2019
  • Seeking anyone willing to share experiences using Jira with Events and Marketing teams

    Hi all,  We're on year two of a company-wide roll out of Jira (Software) Cloud and are attempting to Kanban-ize across all business divisions (approx 200 people, software business based in Surr...

    Iain McCarthy started a discussion 1 0 10-07-2019
  • Assistance leading the Vancouver Atlassian Community Group.

    I'm looking for some help planning the events for the Vancouver Atlassian Community Group.  If you are able to contribute, please let me know.  

    Deleted user
    1 9 09-18-2019
  • Confluence 7.0 release notes

    Deleted user
    0 0 09-18-2019
  • Confluence 7 has been released.  

    Deleted user
    0 0 09-11-2019
  • What does your JIRA/Confluence instance(s) look like?

    Thought this might be an interesting conversation starter. We're public sector and running JIRA and Confluence on prem. We're currently running the enterprise releases which will be ending support in...

    David Cowley started a discussion 2 1 09-06-2019
  • Atlassian price changes October 3rd

    The prices for Atlassian products are going up in early October.  

    Deleted user
    0 4 09-03-2019
  • Introducting Confluence Server and Data Center 7.0 Webinar. Register now.

    In Confluence 7.0, we’ve invested in the future of Confluence to set you and your organization up for success. Join us to learn about the 7.0 platform release and how to prepare for your next upgrade...

    Deleted user
    0 0 08-28-2019
  • Help lead the Vancouver Community User group.

    Are you interesting in helping with the Vancouver Atlassian User Group?  There are many benefits including access to free Atlassian training and a ticket to Summit in Vegas. (Some r...

    Deleted user
    2 0 08-15-2019
  • Running Atlassian in the Cloud...

    This is an interesting article from Atlassian.  

    Deleted user
    0 0 08-15-2019
  • JIRA Server Mobile

    Atlassian has announced Mobile apps for JIRA server and data center.   You will need to be running version 8.3 or newer to use them.

    Deleted user
    0 0 07-23-2019
  • JIRA Security Advirsory   Jul 10, 2019 Atlassian has published s...

    Deleted user
    0 0 07-12-2019
  • Next meetup

    I'm looking for a good venue to hold our next meetup.  A restaurant or pub with a space for us to sit together.  I'll order some appetizers and soft drinks or maybe they can offer a s...

    Deleted user
    3 2 07-03-2019
  • Anyone interested in Badges??

    I realized I haven't posted in here for a while.  In case you are not actively participating in the Atlassian Community.  This is one more reason to get involved.

    Deleted user
    1 0 07-03-2019
  • Server and Data Center releasing RoadMap info

    Deleted user
    0 0 05-08-2019
  • Atlassian security discussion Tuesday May 7th. Noon PST.

    Add your questions before the forum and they will try to answer them.

    Deleted user
    0 0 05-06-2019
  • New link for community

    You can now user to log into the community website.

    Deleted user
    1 0 05-02-2019
  • Confluence LDAP breaks after refresh from production

    We have a production environment with Jira and Confluence where both applications allow users to login using our LDAP. We created another environment (Dev) and followed Atlassian's instructions on r...

    COK-Orlund started a discussion 0 4 04-17-2019
  • Summit Las Vegas 2019

    Here's where you can list and watch all the summit sessions. ...

    Deleted user
    0 0 04-15-2019
  • Confluence Security Advisory

    If you are running Confluence Server or Data Center you will want to look at this.  

    Deleted user
    1 1 04-04-2019
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