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What is CalOPPA?

What is CalOPPA?

CalOPPA is an acronym for California Online Privacy Protection Act. This law has been drafted to safeguard "identifiable personal information" for Californian residents and is currently considered the broadest privacy law in the US.

Several federal laws in the US affect online platforms, websites, blogs, and mobile apps. All platforms collecting personal data online must comply with CalOPPA due to the probability of California residents using these platforms.

The law mandates numerous requirements. The most important is to have a clear and understandable privacy policy. Having a privacy policy is crucial to be transparent and keep consumers informed.


What is a privacy policy?

A privacy policy is a document that explains how an organisation handles any client or employee information gathered in its processes. For example, it must identify the type of information it collects, where the data is stored, and the use of information.

What is "personal identifiable information" as per CalOPPA?

CalOPPA defines personal information as in:

1- First and Last Name

2- Physical Address

3- Billing Address

4- Landline Number

5- Mobile Number

6- Social Security Number

7- Physical Description as in age, weight, height, hair color …

8- IP address

And the list goes on - any direct and indirect information that can identify a person.

Do I need a Privacy Policy to be CalOPPA compliant?

Yes, any business that operates a website or an app and collects personal information from users needs a privacy policy to be CalOPPA compliant..

Your privacy policy can be a straightforward statement of what data you are collecting, where you are storing it, how you are securing it, why you need it and how you are using it.

This should also include your users' locations and your data management policies.   

Make sure your privacy policy complies with the CalOPPA by including the below information:

1- Details of the type of personal data collected through your platform

2- Third parties with whom you share personal data

3- Clear instructions on users' data changes or corrections

4- Date of the most recent update

5- Process of informing users of policy changes

Whether you operate in California or not, as long as your business attracts residents of the State of California, then you are requested to comply with the CalOPPA requirements regardless. And a transparent privacy policy is a necessary step for data protection compliance.



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Taranjeet Singh
Community Leader
Community Leader
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May 11, 2022

@Andreas Springer _Actonic_ Thank you for educating us on CalOPPA! Every time, I learn something new from your articles. Keep up the great work of sharing knowledge with others!

Andreas Springer _Actonic_
Marketplace Partner
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May 12, 2022

Really appreciate your feedback @Taranjeet Singh, thank you!

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