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Introducing Atlassian's new Compliance Resource Center

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 3.39.39 pm.png

TL/DR: The Atlassian Trust Center has new and improved Atlassian Compliance Resource Center!

The Atlassian Trust, Security and Engagement team are proud to ship our latest project - the New Atlassian Compliance Resource Center 🥳

What’s new?

I’m proud to announce and show you all that the Atlassian Trust Center may look a little bit different. You’re right - we’ve added a bit of spice.

The Compliance space has recently had an uplift - for all the right reasons. For the first time - the Atlassian Trust Center has a dedicated Compliance Resource Center. As Atlassian continues to expand on our compliance program, it’s important to improve how customers interact with our self-service center to support them becoming a customer of Atlassian.

This now includes;

  1. Updated design lay out, with a dedicated built in search function for our current compliance certifications. We will be expanding this to start addressing;

    1. Laws & Regulations

    2. Alignments & Frameworks (both not requiring external auditing practices)

  2. New landing pages for each of our individual compliance certifications, self-attestations and more.

We will be leveraging various support mechanisms to hit the ground running and prioritise what we will address next, based on customer demand and feedback.

The Trust & Engagement team primary focus is to remove security issues and blockers so that they can become or continue being a customer of Atlassian. We hear on a regular basis from our customers specific requests on addressing self-attestation compliance reports. It’s clear the demands are increasing weekly and believe it is important to address these white papers for their due-diligence processes.

Head on over to the Atlassian Compliance Resource Center and check out our new space! We look forward to continuing expanding this space, support and drive our customers to cloud!




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Huwen Arnone _Deiser_
Solutions Partner
Solution Partners provide consulting, sales, and technical services on Atlassian products.
August 27, 2021

Precisely yesterday, I was taking a look at this section, given we have published an article regarding Atlassian Cloud security and compliance, and it's actually linked to it; such great work, @Jodie Vlassis. Thank you very much for enabling this type of content available for everyone. 

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Jodie Vlassis
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
August 29, 2021

Thank you @Huwen Arnone _Deiser_ !

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