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Label style/color changed, how can I change it back?

This morning Trello made me re-login and when I did all my labels showed up in a different style. They used to be solid colors with wording that said what the label was but now they show up with a dot next to the wording and the colors are lighter, almost pastel instead of the bright colors they used to be. Attached is a picture of what the labels look like now. 

Does anyone know how to get the labels changed back? I've tried looking in settings but can't find anything.


Screenshot (6)-01.jpg

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I would also like to add that the addition of the dot adds visual noise to what was previously a fairly clean label. It makes it harder to read at a glance as the contrast between the text and the background color is lower, the text is smaller/less bold, and there is now another shape drawing my eye but not conveying any meaningful information. 


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I agree with everyone else. I have a lot of cards, and the light pastel labels blend into the card making the tasks I had certain colours (like red) no longer stand out, it also makes it hard to use these labels for organisational purposes.

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Aug 23, 2022

@Erica Lake welcome to the community! it sounds like there are some changes going on with labels. A few rumors, but i don't know anything for sure. You're not the only one experiencing this, but not everyone is. I'll post back on here if/when I get a better answer of what's going on!

Exactly, these change affected all my boards but not my friends account. Also there are no settings regarding labels style. If you have any news, please let us know.

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I am experiencing this change also. It is TERRIBLE. Plz halp!

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I'm experiencing the same problem. It's hard to keep track of cards since the pastel colors are hard to read. Need this changed back to solid bold colors.  

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Julie D I'm New Here Aug 24, 2022

Trello - adding options is great, but please don't eliminate old ones! :)

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After contacting Atlassian-Trello Support this is the response I got:

"This change to labels is part of the new label experience that we're rolling out to Trello users at the moment, there's no way for you to turn this off"

Extremely disappointed with this. It's definitely a step in the wrong direction. I hope they at least give us the option to go back to the bold colors soon.

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@Erica Lake Can they at least answer if there is an option to chose between the old label style and the new? If not, it would be disappointing. 

From what they said sounds like we're stuck with the useless pastel colors for now. Hopefully enough people will complain and they'll at least give us the option for the old style labels. 

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@Erica Lake Damn all the companies that spend their time making unnecessary visual changes. I guess I will send them an email too just to let them know about our frustration. Thanks for the feedback Erica.

Thank you for the answer Erica, sending an email now!

Brittany Joiner Community Leader Aug 24, 2022

@Erica Lake @Panagiotis @Julie D @Phil Ginsburg @Ashley Klenke 

Just chatted with some folks on product at trello, and it sounds like they're in the process of rolling out some new features with labels and working out some kinks with it (as you heard from support). Although the part they left out is that this isn't the full update - there's more to come so we're just getting a bit of the picture here. 

In the meantime, I've volunteered to help funnel some feedback about this directly to them, so can you let me know a little more about what you're not liking about the labels so I can share that feedback? 

@Brittany Joiner Thanks Brittany for the support.

My reason for not liking this, is that the color palette is too soft and pastel. In my boards I have al lot of cards, and the general reason for using color codes is too stand out.

The new label style completely takes that away, and the label cannot be detected on a glimpse as before. If they want to make some changes, then don't force us to use specific non-productive colors, but give us an RGB palette where each user can choose their own colors. That would be an upgrade, not this!

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Aug 24, 2022

@Panagiotis got it, i see what you're saying. So if there were darker options would that solve the problem? 

And I believe the reason for not allowing custom colors is because it's really important to remain accessible for colorblind folks, so being able to add just any color would inhibit that. But don't worry - you're not alone in requesting/wanting that feature haha. 

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@Brittany JoinerThere is a great deal of difficulty in seeing labels that are pastel because they are way too light and makes it difficult to stay organized. Due to the contrast between the colors and the card text, Trello's previous use of bold, bright colors worked. It would be great if users could choose their own color themes with their own colors and the ability to bold or not to bold labels. More flexibility. 

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If there is a concern for the colorblind that's another reason for having color templates to choose from. 

Brittany Joiner Community Leader Aug 24, 2022

@Phil Ginsburg got it, i'll pass on that feedback!

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@Brittany Joiner The original colors where darker, so I guess yes. The dot they are using doesn't really has a purpose for me but it's fine I suppose.

If they are trying to add more on labels, at least use the original RGB colors.

Also what you are saying about color blind is basically set using symbols and the color doesn't really change anything. So I don't think having an RGB palette will change anything for color blind people.

You can see what I am talking about on the images bellow.


Brittany Joiner Community Leader Aug 24, 2022

@Panagiotis got it. noting the feedback, thanks!

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How about giving the users a (1) A Color Picker (Ex #000000) (2) Text Picker (Ex#FFFFFF) then call it good...everyone is happy.

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Good day,


My boards' labels finally updated to the pastel colors just yesterday, it's so hard to look as since the card is white. Then the members' went back to the bold color labels. Is this just a coincidence and is there a way now to go back to the bold colors in my access? (board owner). Wondering if my update triggered theirs to go back.

How about giving the users a (1) A Color Picker (Ex #000000) (2) Text Picker (Ex#FFFFFF) then call it good...everyone is happy.

Yes, agree with many here... it's visually more difficult to read at a glance, is there a toggle to change them back at least or if not will there be?

I hope they launch an option in the setting where we can set it back to the original bold colors

@Brittany Joiner Hello Brittany, 

Do we have an update on the issue?

Brittany Joiner Community Leader Sep 13, 2022

@Panagiotis i just posted this article - explains why the labels had to change because of the exciting addition of more colors for labels!

Yes but even the darkest of the new colors is lighter than the original set

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I'm managing several boards, and it does get overwhelming at times, I see what they did with the dots in some of my accounts, well you have a list that has several cards and some of them completed, some still being worked on and some are to-do it's kindda nice as it's a bit softer on the eyes, but I would very much like to enable these for some boards not all of them.

I'm guessing Trello will eventually allow us to choose, it's not a big deal, it would be nice if the actual dots are like the original color RGB, and the rest of the label is this lighter color.

Brittany Joiner Community Leader Aug 24, 2022

@Alexander Magdy that is how it looks on my screen - the dot is the original color and label is lighter. does it look different on yours?





I think the original color was a bit sharper, maybe it’s an optical illusion, but this dot can get more vivid and noticeable.


I think the new dot is slightly lighter than the original color pallet.

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Aug 25, 2022

Gotcha, thanks @Alexander Magdy  for the feedback!

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