When to choose Trello over Clickup

You've probably seen a thousand ads for Clickup - seems like they're everywhere. I'd been putting it off for a while, but finally took a look at it because the curiosity was killing me! 


After taking a look, I realized it's a really impressive tool and I see what all the fuss is about. But I actually don't think it's all that similar to Trello, and in most cases, it's not really a tough choice between them because you would use them in different situations. 

I created a video and an interactive Trello board to walk you through the tools and help you figure out the differences and when to use which...

but in case you prefer to read, here's a quick reference of three questions to ask to help you choose: 

1. How quickly do you need to get up and running?

If the answer is ASAP you definitely want Trello. Clickup has a lot of bells and whistles that can be useful sometimes, but it requires ALOT more strategy up front with how you want to organize those, as well as training your team to figure out how to move around and not get distracted by unnecessary features.

2. How many features are you currently using in your own workflows?

Don't get all caught up in "I might use this feature" or "I might use this power-up". Ideally, yes, adopting a new tool does mean you should adapt your workflows and take advantage of what's there and you want to pick a tool that optimizes those options. But if you aren't actually using screen recordings in your communications now, or task dependencies, or goal tracking, or editing documents... then maybe don't prioritize immediate access to those features over something simpler to build on as you go. (Aka, Trello is better to start with, and you can add those features via power-ups down the road without confusing your team right off the bat.)

3. Do you want a custom solution or a standard workflow template?

From what I can tell, Trello offers more options for customization than Clickup does. The way I like to think of it is that Trello is more like bricks, and you can put them together to build whatever you'd like. Whereas Clickup is more like a massive toolkit - you've got 130 tools in front of you, but they do standard sort of things, and you can't really combine them in unique ways to make something totally new. If you want to be able to adjust and customize your automation, integration, and workflows down the road, Trello is going to be the right choice!

Anyone have any experience switching from Clickup to Trello? Or other criteria that you've thought about when looking at the tools? If you're still wondering which is right for you, feel free to chime in and I'm happy to help discuss the differences and what tool might be most helpful for you! (And I'll do my best to not always just say "Trello of course!")



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