[Trello Holiday Calendar] Day 14: Track Everything with Dashcards

If you go back to the early days of Trello, we used to describe it as "sticky notes on a whiteboard".  That metaphor is both the simplicity of Trello and the power in one.  As the product has evolved, we added (and continue to add) the ability to look at your cards in different ways (calendar, timeline, table) and to look at cards from more than one board in different ways.

Even the original board view is just another way of looking at a set of cards.  When people are trying to find an answer to their question, they use these features to define "what cards am I looking at" and "how do I want to see them".  Then they look through the cards to figure out answers like "What's the highest priority work for me to finish?" or "How much is there left to do?"

Many other apps also do these jobs (and did them even before Trello came along). 

What if you could take all those cards and package them up into ONE card that both represents all the work you care about AND lets Trello watch and track that work to let you know when there is something you need to worry about? 

Dashcards do this - and it's something that no other app out there does.  Not only will Trello track any set of work you want ("all my cards", "all cards that are overdue", "high priority cards"), it will watch it, notify you if it changes, or even alert you if new work enters or leaves that set.  And because it is tracked AS A CARD Itself, you can label, comment, prioritize that set of work alongside everything else you do in Trello already.

Here's a sneak preview of what exists today and also some new things that are coming shortly:


Brittany Joiner
Community Leader
Community Leader
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December 13, 2021

Early surprise from @Michael Pryor 😊 Just in case you couldn't wait til tomorrow for Day 14's content, here we are! 🎉

Dashcards looks amazing and I've yet to play with it so I really need to dig into these! Thanks for the awesome content @Michael Pryor !

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Svenja Lorenzen
Rising Star
Rising Star
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December 13, 2021

I love this! 😍 I just added it to my Trello Board and I will be playing around with the cards the next couple of days. Thank you!!!


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