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Trello Customization with PixieBrix

πŸ‘‹ Hi friends! Been a while since I've posted an article, but I've seen a lot of questions about the Trello Chrome Extension, and I think I've found a nice workaround for those who don't have the extension since it got delisted recently.

This one requires a bit of customization, but that's the beauty - you can make it do whatever you want. You'll need to use a free tool called PixieBrix.  It's a tool that lets you create automation by adding new UI elements to webpages (you can add buttons, but in this example, it's just creating something that will pop up in your right-click menu).

The way PixieBrix works is entirely through a Chrome Extension on your inspector dev tools. If you've never used those before, you might be a little panicked when you first get in there, but it's really not that scary πŸ˜….

You'll just need to create an extension with the following steps: 

1) Context menu (grabs data from the URL you're on, like the page title and URL address)

2) Get Trello username (quick connection to Trello API to pull the user account)

3) Choose Trello Boards from User (creates a prompt to let you select which board to send to)

4) New Card on Trello with Prompt (another prompt to let you select which list and add any additional details you want with the URL and page title already there.)

If you get a little lost and want a step-by-step guide, I created this video demo showing you how it all works and step by step guide for you to set it up yourself! (Or if you're more of a reader, you can see detailed steps here.)

You can also post below on here if you have any questions - it took me a couple of tries to get it all set up right, so I'm happy to help if anyone gets stuck. I feel like this is just scratching the surface of all the things you can do with PixieBrix, so if you all find this helpful, I'll try to make some more videos!



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