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New feature from Crmble - import CSV to Trello

I’ve been working with the Crmble team for a couple of months now, and they just released an exciting feature that is useful for lots of users… not just those of us creating CRMs in our Trello boards. 

I’ve long wondered why there isn’t a power-up that lets you import a CSV into Trello, but at long last, the day has arrived! Crmble’s latest feature lets you import a CSV of your leads into your Trello board, making it easy to migrate your leads into Trello so that you can manage your workflows, follow-ups, and see sales pipeline reporting with the Crmble Power-Up.

The feature just released today, and also came with the ability to customize the options of your origins/lead sources!

It’s really easy …

1. Add the Crmble power-up to your board. 



2. Go to Crmble settings (look in the top right of the board), near "Show Menu". 


3. Click the “Leads” button on the left, and then select “Import CSV”. 


Import your file, and then map the list and lead source (define which column in the csv those values should be pulled from).


Then you can review your data, select which ones (or all) that you want to import, and viola! Now you just sit back and enjoy watching your leads flow into Crmble.

Of course moving forward, you'll want to automatically have your leads sync into Crmble if they come through a Facebook Lead Form, or through a Google Form. (You can also sync other sources with Zapier, and more will be coming soon.)

This feature is pretty useful even outside of a CRM.. the ability to import a CSV into Trello is really cool, and I can already think of several boards that this would have saved me so much time to build, and now I've got it for the future.

Btw - Crmble team is hosting a webinar in a couple of weeks to go through an overview of how Crmble works, and to discuss this (among other) new features! Here's a link if you want to join. I'll be there, and happy to answer any questions about using Trello for sales or managing contacts!

Post below if you have any questions. @Antonio Panea (Crmble founder) is very active here in the community and can elaborate or help if you’re having any technical issues!


Mara Graff June 30, 2020

I am a bit cautious about giving Crmble access to all of my boards. @Brittany Joiner @Antonio Panea can you talk to me about the security of my Trello information. 

Thank you

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Juan P August 7, 2020

I am concerned about the security of my contacts' data in crmble. May I know your policy in this regard?

Thanks in advance


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