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Integrate Trello with Jotform Sign for an automated e-signature workflow

Anyone who has dealt with collecting e-signatures — and integrating that process into their project management workflow — knows it can be clunky.

E-signature platforms can be challenging to use and often lack streamlined integration options. So instead of an automated workflow, we end up manually collecting and filing signed documents. 

As a result, the processes that need to be executed when newly signed contracts come in, such as sales resource assignment or operational follow-ups, also become manual, leading to wasted time and unsustainable processes. 

But Trello’s new integration with Jotform Sign can solve this problem by creating a scalable and seamless e-signature automation workflow.

What does the Trello <> Jotform Sign integration do? 

Integrating Trello with Jotform Sign lets you automatically pipe e-signed documents to your Trello board in the way that’s most comfortable for your team. 

Here are a few ways the integration helps you automate your project management workflow: 

  • Automatically sends e-signed documents to your Trello board
  • Enables document data collection, including the PDF version and digital audit trail of your signed documents
  • Converts your newly signed docs into new Trello cards automatically

Who should use the Trello <> Jotform Sign integration? 

Almost every workflow can benefit from this integration, but to give a better idea of how it may assist the project management process, here are a few use case examples. 

  • Use case scenario no. 1: A digital ad operations team’s e-signed insertion orders kick off a project management waterfall in Trello that includes ad placement and ad execution tasks within their proprietary system.
  • Use case scenario no. 2: A startup — for instance, a new business that customizes, procures, and distributes business swag — needs dependable, tech-based business workflows, like those in Trello. They could integrate Jotform Sign to manage end-to-end customer life cycles — from contract signing to delivery of goods/services. 
  • Use case scenario no. 3: Nonprofits responding to emergencies of public need with distributed team members who need a single source of truth, like Trello, for project management. They could pipe their digitally signed forms at scale via Jotform Sign.

How does it work?

For the video overview, please click here.

  1. For current Jotform and Trello users, log into your Jotform account and go to your My Forms page. Select My Sign Documents from the dropdown on the upper left.[For new users, it’s easy and free to sign up to Jotform. Afterward, just follow the same steps explained here.] 

    *Note: Currently the Jotform Sign integration is one way from Jotform. Within your Trello workspace(s), you can add Jotform to your board via Power-Up but only for basic form creation/operation.   

  2. In the My Sign Documents screen, select the e-signature document you’d like to connect to your Trello board. Here I’ve chosen the Brand Ambassador contract. Click the Edit button. 

  3. Once you’re in the Sign Builder, click on the Settings tab in the top middle of the screen, then select Integrations. 

    You can find the Trello integration in the search bar. When you click the Trello tile, proceed with authenticating your account.  

  4. After authentication, you can customize the integration to fit your needs by choosing

    • Whether you want to create (or update) a card related to your signed document
    • Which board you’d like the card under
    • Which list within your chosen board this should fall under
    • Which card to attach your signed document to (in the case of a card update)
    • Which card fields to match from your signed document for additional detail

Upon completing your integration, any new and fully executed e-signed document will automatically create/update the cards in your specified list within Trello.  

This streamlined process makes automating e-signature collection — as part of your project management workflow — efficient, at scale.  

 Key takeaway

Trello’s integration with Jotform Sign powers an automated e-signature management workflow that triggers card creation in your board, card labeling, easy task collaboration, and higher productivity. Simply put, it’s an integration that eliminates manual effort and makes things easier across the board (no pun intended).  

Plus, you can combine your integrated digital signature process with a Butler enhanced workflow to take your automations to the next level. 


Article by Chris Bass, Content Writing Team Lead & Sr. Content Creator at Jotform



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