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Develop a new Habit during Lockdown

If you had to thrive a new habit during a lockdown, what would it be?




Jimmy Seddon Community Leader Apr 05, 2020

Hi @Karan Verma,

Great question!  One thing I have started learning how to do is streaming gameplay footage on Twitch.  My friends and I usually got together (online) every Friday night, and we continue to do so as it's one of those things we can still do that makes things still feel normal even if only for a few hours.

By learning how to stream, I'm also looking forward to taking those skills and applying them to running virtual local Atlassian Community Events in my area.

I just hope there is enough interest from my local members to participate in remote events.


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Hey @Karan Verma 


Great question indeed :)


I think I will work on my photo editing skills. I always wanted to learn how to create good Photoshop presets but never put this in my schedule.

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The habit I would like to keep even when things go back to "normal" is the way I've been communicating with my family and friends. I live a 10 hour's drive from my entire family and my friends from high school and college are scattered all over. We've been doing a much, much better job staying in touch.

I think the other habits I've created are good, like going for a run at lunchtime, but won't make sense when I go back to working in an office.

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader May 05, 2020

I'm trying to force myself to drink two bottles of water a day... im notoriously bad at staying hydrated, but usually my argument is that i dont want to have to run to a bathroom all the time. But no better time than when I'm always three steps away from my bathroom! 

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Hello @Karan Verma 

When the year started, I introduced myself to Elixir Lang programming, the lock down has been an advantage since it's given me time to explore it more, from that, I've instilled in me the habit of reading deep into documentations and it's quite interesting.
Aside from that, I love Rubik's cube and lately I've bee trying to learn different patterns. It's something interesting and I'm loving it.

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I have discovered yoga and baking. Two things that my friends never would have imagined would become such enjoyable lock down fun. Awesome question!

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Waking up earlier to get rid of anxiety.

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Karan, good question! I would want to improve my project tracking skills (COGS to run a project, success metrics, ROI, model, and the like)!

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carolyn french Community Leader Sep 02, 2020

Hi @Karan Verma , I'm trying to open up your Trello board link and it's going to an error page. Is it something you wanted to share with us?

I would love to thrive the new habit of taking breaks as I WFH. I'm going to try to get better at this. 

I love the other ideas above - it's been a few months, anyone have an update?

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Hi, @carolyn french I created a Trello board link to show productivity during the lockdown. that anybody can create and show there self as well.

Looking to know if anybody has an update.

Well I got very conversant with Trello, having been introduced to it for a project just before lockdown.

I'd really love to learn how to use Revit, the 3D architectural modelling ... still on AutoCAD as thats what I know.  Know it will save me time, but it takes time out to set aside, learn, get proficient so can use with reliance.

Environment ... I'm kind of quite liking this locked away in a silo thing ... been shut in my office at home (I was a home based worker before it became fashionable so I could do the school runs) as with a Mrs that barks ... easier to stay locked away ... stops her going out, catching covid & coughing in my direction.

Would really love one of those nuclear bunker things, where you sort of feel like your in a shell, as these days its bit hard to get down time ... suppose would also need to get the internet stopped for couple of hours a day to make me find something non-computer orientated.

About 20 yrs ago, when the house got burgled and they took the computers ... I had nothing but well, housework or maybe TV to do and was like a pea in a drum.

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I had so many plans for lockdown, turns out the one habit I'm continuing is napping in the afternoon!

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carolyn french Community Leader Sep 25, 2020

@Karan Verma Your Trello board is still set to private so we can't see it ><

Learning trello and training my cat to fetch =)

I would work 8 hours every day.  I mean to say, I would turn on my time tracking for at least 8 hours a day. I have been getting lazy about turning on my time tracker for little things that don't take much time.  Some days it seems like half the day consists of doing things that don't take much time!  So then I get out of the habit of tracking my time and I find my hours are very low each week. It seems like I work 24/7 so it should not be that way.  However I have been working late at night and then crashing during the day some days.  This is getting out of hand.  

When these kinds of things start happening a lot I find that I am always rushing to take care of emergencies which could have been handled earlier with less panic.  I am not as happy with my job when it gets to be like that and my customers are not as happy with me either.

I guess this is called discipline.  

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@Betty Peterson  Completly agree.  Sometimes, a lot of the time I dont have the energy or inclination to start tracking time, then it turns out to be an hour later so I go back through and get the time stamp off something to put it in retrospective.

When every day is the same, and days blur into weeks, and weeks into months, and your inclination was well ... my get up and go got up and went.

Gotta get my MoJo back.

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Dave Liao Community Leader Nov 02, 2020

@Karan Verma - your Trello link doesn't go anywhere, anymore, have an updated board link? 🙏

SriKumar P Atlassian Team May 07, 2021

I invested some time to learn how to do Digital Art using Adobe Draw and it was a good one, Was able to get some passive income on it too. laugh

SriKumar P, digital art is a great time spending for sure. My close friend started drawing using Photoshop, and after few months after that, started selling her works like NFTs. Some of those digital art assets he shared and put to top nft collections on the as I know. It's one of the most popular web resources related to NFT sphere of business.


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