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Create a trigger for when a card moves to *any* list

Today's tip is all about working smarter not harder in Trello.

If you have something that you want to happen anytime a card moves into another list in the Trello board, you might think you need to set up a rule for each list. 

For instance, apply x checklist when a card moves into New Leads, and another rule for apply x checklist when a card moves into New Client. etc.

But thanks to @milynnus 's constant encouragement of Regex to solve all sorts of Trello quandries, I figured out how to make a single rule that says "when a card moves into ANY trello list". Note - i assume you could use this for labels too!

In this video I show how to create one rule to apply a checklist with the the List name to a card when it moves to any list in the board. This is super helpful if you have a checklist for each stage of a workflow, and want to apply a new checklist related to the list when it moves. 


Here's a screenshot of what the rule looks like. And if you want to copy and paste the regex, it's here!


Regex is



Comment on here if you have any questions, need any help implementing, or have any other ideas for use cases! 


PS - Hate regex sometimes? Yeah me too - checkout this twitter thread with some cool resources for figuring out what it should be. I used autoregex to figure out regex for "any word" and then regex101 to check that it worked!

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Jerry Makedonski February 3, 2023

Great Video, it really opened up the options for Trello Automation.


However I found an interesting issue when I attempted to also use the regex(same-copy paste) in an action

What I was trying to do was to use your 

When any card is moved to any list Trigger

To Cause

Sort All lists by some conditions(labels)


Let me know if you are able to find a way to tell Butler to take an action on all lists.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.


Thanks for your help.



On the command output I noticed that it removed the * from the regex

Screenshot 2023-02-03 103043.jpg


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