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New Training Credit quote process for Atlassian University simply awful.

jennifer.sewell September 1, 2021

I thought I had purchased enough training credits prior to August in order to pay for all of the courses for the JIRA Admin Cloud certification plus the test.  At that point, purchasing training credits was amazingly easy-I could purchase them myself and use them easily.  After the switch to Atlassian University, it was very difficult for me to even find my training credits.  Once I did (with help) I realized I was short 50 credits to purchase the test.  I realized there was now a 'quote' process for training credits.  I don't understand how this makes sense at all since training credits are 1 credit to 1 dollar.  I simply need to purchase 50 credits so that I can purchase the testing voucher to take my test.  My initial request to purchase the credits went out on August 19th.  Today is 9/1 so I have now been waiting 13 days JUST to receive my quote in order to purchase the training credits.  What this 'quote' is for, I have no idea. This process is AWFUL. Anyone else experiencing this problem with the new Training Credit process?



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Stu September 1, 2021

I noticed that too!!!! I got a quote from Atlassian about 5 months ago and it was super easy. But then I needed to update it and just went through the same maze as you. Sooooo painful.

Once I found the "send me a quote" section it only took about 12hrs to get the quote email so may resubmit the request? :)  

Lord help me I need to do this again......

jennifer.sewell September 2, 2021

Hopefully my experience was an outlier and you have better luck!

jennifer.sewell September 2, 2021

Update** I finally got the credits added to my account today, 9/2.  14 total days, 10 business days to get the 50 credits!! 

Iris Weverling
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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September 2, 2021

At least you managed to see your training credits again.... Could you explain how you found your training credits? I have tried now for an hour, but cannot find them. 

jennifer.sewell September 3, 2021

Well, that is because they are totally buried in the new Atlassian U.  Ok-Log in to Atlassian U.  Click on your User icon at the top right, select Admin.  On the far left side header (gray), there is a little page icon (Reports).  Click on it.  There you should see your training credits.  

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