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#AlwaysBeLearning Lesson 2 | Train with your Team for Even Better Results 🙌🏽 🙌🏿

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G'day, training & certification community!

As restrictions finally ease on in-person gatherings and travel, folks are increasingly heading back to offices and getting together as a team. While Atlassian employs a distributed workforce through Team Anywhere, two Atlassian University teams are soon getting together in person for an offsite in Austin! Many of us will actually get to meet one another for the very first time.


Sounds great, right? We think so too, and that’s why we’re here to offer you a suggestion today: it might be time to consider training with your team again in person—or online—soon! We’ve all gotten comfortable with virtual learning over these past few years, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love in-person training as a team—and all the benefits being in three dimensions brings.

When you train together, you exit the training with a shared understanding. And that’s not all you get: think smooth collaboration, better productivity, and—never to be underestimated—improved team spirit.



Team Training with Atlassian University

What’s team training with Atlassian University like? We’re glad you asked! You can bring up to 15 team members together and learn with a dedicated live instructor. You can choose a virtual classroom or even bring the instructor on site to your workplace. 

Teams that learn together:

  • gain a shared understanding of their Atlassian tools and workflows

  • experience the same learning materials at the same time

  • get team-specific questions answered by a live instructor

Here are three more benefits of team training with Atlassian University:

1. Learn from experienced, live instructors

Atlassian University partners with experienced instructors: individuals who demonstrate both product and instruction expertise. These authorized individuals and companies are located around the world, offering your team the chance to learn from a teacher in your region and in your local language.

2. Get access to hands-on lab environments

The best way to retain what you've learned is through doing. We offer virtual, hands-on labs that give your team the chance to try what they've learned in a safe, sandboxed environment. These valuable labs reinforce a team's training and they are available for continued learning beyond the classroom time with your instructor.

3. Choose from virtual or on-site instruction

Whether you're an enterprise with your own on-campus space or a distributed team that connects over videoconferencing, our training can meet you where you are. Each team training session can host up to 15 attendees, allowing everyone to ask team-specific questions and gain a shared learning experience they can carry into their everyday work.

Reminder on participation in the #AlwaysBeLearning series:

If you are in the kudos program and you participate in our #AlwaysBeLearning series, you will earn a special, limited-edition #AlwaysBeLearning badge. Here’s what to do:

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Not in the kudos program yet? You can request to join right here.

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We’ll have more fun surprises throughout the month, including something special for our most engaged users. 😉

Explore the hands-on training catalog here and tell us below:

1.) How does your team currently tackle training?

2.) What Atlassian University course might make the most sense for your team to train on together? 


Andy Gladstone Community Leader Sep 13, 2022

Hmm. I would love some of these courses, but for smaller teams in our organization. I'll reach out to someone to see how that can be coordinated. Don't want to post which specific tracks here so it can remain a surprise for anyone from my org that may be following this thread!

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I actually didn't know you could do this. It's a great opportunity. Learning and training together is always so much more fun and productive. 

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Looking forward to these courses

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Completely agree with the training in person.  Teams make it somewhat functional, but I always enjoy in-person training and work sessions!  Regardless, Atlassian training has been easy to understand and engaging!  Our department completed the virtual option for JSM, JS, Confluence, and others.  This was due to budget and we look forward to in-person training hopefully soon as we plan on launching company-wide. 

Question:  What are your thoughts on training for organization-wide?  We are roughly 800 employees I believe.  We have several departments including a Learning and Development team that may work with your teams.  Suggestions?  Thoughts? Pointers?

Thanks for sharing @Jaime Netzer !


&& Shared!Screenshot 2022-09-14 085349.png

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Dan Atlassian Team Sep 14, 2022

Hi @Tosha Liveoak - Thanks for your question on scaling training to large teams. The way we see it, of the 800 users, most of them are probably what we would consider 'end-users' that you can most likely cover with our free training options. The Fundamentals courses (JSW, JSM, Trello and Confluence) are a fantastic option for our Core products.
We also have the Training for Jira marketplace App is a very affordable way to roll out training across teams that puts the experience right into Jira Software (would appear under Apps in the nav bar once installed) so your users can get direct access to all the modules included in the App. 

For all the remaining team members, we would consider them the power users and for those folks, we have Learning Paths for them based on role. There is a mix of both paid and free training options within the learning paths. Normally teams only have a handful of both admins and project admins so it depends on those numbers if a virtual or live training makes sense (remember we can take up to 15 students). If not, On Demand is the best option for them - and as you probably know those prices are coming down to $39 in (now) mid October. 

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out and we'll be happy to work with you on a custom training program. 


Dan Schillace

Sr. Services Solutions Advocate 

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Thank you, @Dan ! I've learned that hands-on, live training is typically what our company prefers, but overall I like this approach you suggested.  Does Atlassian offer on-site "Train the Trainer" sessions?  I assume would still be at max 15 participants at a time, correct?  What does that training approach look like?  


Hi @Tosha Liveoak - For hands on live training, we do max out at 15 students. We're happy to do a train-the-trainer type session, but we don't offer any materials for you to then go teach with. They would have to take what they learned and develop their own content with it. 
You may want to engage with some of our Partners to see what they offer, a lot of them have their own versions of training and so may in fact have a more productized 'train-the-trainer' model to offer you.




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G subramanyam Community Leader Sep 15, 2022

Hi @Jaime Netzer ,

1) How does your team currently tackle training? >> All the ex-organizations I worked for had purchased Udemy Business and Percipio licenses for training in-house employees. I haven't seen a single employer sponsoring trainings externally (exception to Microsoft certifications).

2.) What Atlassian University course might make the most sense for your team to train on together? >> Majority voting will go for Jira software, Confluence and Bitbucket courses.


One of our challenges, since we are in the Cloud, are the constant new features and changes in the platform. I have setup a biweekly post in the Slack channel that uses the Atlassian suite the most. I post tips and tricks there and call it "Did you know..."

I brand it with couple of emojis - same ones every time - and then I leave with: Stay tuned for more Atlassian tips coming to Slack channel near you…

Basically trying to embed this continuous learning into everyday things like Slack.


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Alex Koxaras Community Leader Sep 15, 2022

@Jaime Netzer hi!

Thanx again for sharing this! It's always great to work and study with others. You can really learn a lot and more easy, since someone from your team can have a better understanding/perspective of certain aspects to which you need help, but you also can help others!

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Daniel Ebers Community Leader Sep 16, 2022

1.) How does your team currently tackle training?

From what I heard with several different users and departments an in-person training with a skilled and (certified, professional) Atlassian Partner turned out to make the most impact.

2.) What Atlassian University course might make the most sense for your team to train on together?

This is clearly Jira Administration - users having the permissions in Jira to administer the whole instance can make a huge impact (a great one by enabling teams to do a great job) but also in terms of deleting something unintentionally or just making a mistake which is seen by several hundreds of people.
So, Jira Administration is an important course to get a better understanding of the greater picture (how the parts in Jira work altogether).

This is great, I would like a team course to go through the basics of JSM. Just to get my team up to speed with all the functionality that is available.

Keep up the good work.

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Samuel Community Leader Sep 22, 2022

1.) How does your team currently tackle training?

Right now it's every person for themselves! It's not great but we'll encourage the self-initiators and reward them but we don't have a structure for training in place unless it's HR training. I'm taking some steps to formalize this for Atlassian Certs (Slack group, regular check-ins, etc).

2.) What Atlassian University course might make the most sense for your team to train on together? 

  • Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset: Course Description
  • Getting More from Jira Workflows
  • Jira Automation
  • Confluence Administration
Craig Nodwell Community Leader Sep 28, 2022

Learning never ends.
I feel the new clients teams need to start at fundamentals and then continue until their understanding growth reaches workable knowledge of the tools and the processes they enable.

Sharon Tan Community Manager Sep 29, 2022

Love that tip, @Kristján Geir Mathiesen !!

i don't have the opportunity to study in group and in the spanish... but i feel great with this tips


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