Why is my Jira so slow?

Majken Longlade Community Leader Mar 12, 2019

We've all asked ourselves this at one point or another, but were we able to provide an answer?


As part of our Avoiding the Pain of Poor Performance event on March 26th we will have a Q&A panel of local experts to answer questions just like these and provide tips and tricks to keeping your Atlassian tools running smoothly...


...But we need your help!


What questions would you like our panel to answer? Do you have answers of your own that you'd like to share? Won't be able to make it but really need some help?

  • Reply to this topic with your questions or tips
  • Hit like to vote up the questions you want us to ask the panel
  • Check back for answers to questions that we didn't get to


See you in the comments, and hope to see you there!


Majken Longlade Community Leader Mar 12, 2019

I absolutely love Riada's Insight add-on for Jira and they are always making it more efficient to run, but it's important to know that it has its own system requirements and recommendations if you're going to host a lot of objects or do regular large synchronizations.


What are some of your tips for making sure your favourite add-ons don't slow down your system?

Majken Longlade Community Leader Mar 12, 2019

Any of the sysadmins out there have favourite tools for monitoring Atlassian application health?

Java melody on jira and Confluence 

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Majken Longlade Community Leader Mar 21, 2019

What kind of information does it give you?

Is there a formula that atlassian has on knowing when to beef up your instances based on stuff like number of issues, users, custom fields, workflow etc...

What is the best practice to size our instance from Atlassian?

Are there other considerations that partners have that are different or in addition to atlassian best practices?

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Majken Longlade Community Leader Mar 21, 2019

Ooh, this is a good one. Minimum requirements aren't always best practice. I NEVER run windows anymore on the minimum RAM, learned that lesson!!

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Another question...

Single node vs when to cluster....
1) when do you start thinking about clustering your instances?

2) If you are clustered and have a mix of Manual user driven traffic and API traffic lets say to JIRA, how can we separate API traffic from the rest for optimal stability and performance? is there such a  mechanism?


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