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Discussion: What's a piece of content on the Community you've loved? Share to plant a tree!

Sharon Tan Community Manager Jul 18, 2022

As many of know, the Atlassian Community is a treasure trove of content, filled with creative articles, helpful tips, technical knowledge, and discussions filled with humanity beyond the products.

I don't know about you, but comments and likes on content gives me warm fuzzies and reminds me of the humanity beyond our online community and products. What if reading and liking that content could help us do something beyond that?

This month, it can! To support Likes for Trees, we want to hear what your favorite content has been. We're planting one tree for each Like on a piece of Community content.

Share an article for members to like in the comments, and help us plant more trees! Each Like on a comment and on each post plants a tree.

Yes, it could really be this easy:


Get some inspiration on what to share:

  • Which articles did you enjoy?
  • What pieces on the Community made you laugh, taught you something, or inspired you to write?
  • Which authors inspire you to write more creative content?
  • What posts inspired you yesterday? Last week? Last year?
  • Which comments or answers were thoughtfully, funny, engaging, helpful, or saved you a ton of time?
  • What articles would you love for people to respond to?

Surface your favorite articles by linking them in the comments.👇🏼 You could share one post per comment to maximize your Likes. Share one or share 10 to plant more trees, or tag the author to give them a compliment!

Like each comment and the post linked. You'll also receive one of our special, limited-edition badges for each Like you give, so your profile could contain this x 1000.

gamification tree badge@2x.pnggamification tree badge@2x.pnggamification tree badge@2x.pnggamification tree badge@2x.pnggamification tree badge@2x.png

We can't wait to read and Like your favorite pieces!


Oldie but a goodie. In this discussion thread about what to do you do when you're disappointed with a work outcome@Darryl Lee came through with a comment that really resonated with me. See below.

My personal way of handling this is to step back to pull myself out from the negativity and deal with the emotional parts first, then, analyze the whole story and what could possibly go wrong and why, and talk to people to seek the improvements.

If it's the common thing across multiple team members, I will call out for a brainstorming meeting to open for discussion.

It reminds me that reactions aren't just about solution-ing on a next step. It also includes the emotional part. And I love the reminder that there are work actions AND work-related emotions tied to those situations. And both need to be resolved.

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Jul 18, 2022

I loved this past Friday Fun,
What to visit at Carcassonne & arround (South of France), where @Rémi BERNIÈRES shared a bunch of beautiful photos!!

I was in the south of France last month and wished we had time to stop by, but bookmarked it for a future trip 💙

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This is definitely something I'll be bookmarking for the next time I'm in France. This is awesome. Thank you!

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Monique vdB Community Manager Jul 18, 2022

I love today's Miscellaneous Monday with all the pictures of trees . Yes, more trees! It's tree-ception over here today.

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Andy Gladstone Community Leader Jul 18, 2022

This is a Friday Fun that I think really pulled me further into the community and introduced me to the talented powerhouse @Laura Holton. It gave me a glimpse into the spectrum of lives we all lead in the Atlassian Community. 

Friday Fun: Our Friday Evening Traditions

(and this post reminded me I still have to reply to another post from Laura that is on my Trello follow-up board for too long).

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Jul 19, 2022

That is a gem @Andy Gladstone ! Wonderful thread @Laura Holton 👏🏼

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Laura Holton Community Leader Jul 20, 2022

Thanks for the shoutout @Andy Gladstone, I had even more fun re-reading it than I did writing it (I didn't know that was even possible!) It was great to see so many of the Community get involved 😄

Bonus that it now gets to help plant some trees too 🥳

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This article and the amount of likes it generated in almost no time.  A tree should be planted for this.
Unlimited Likes for Trees for Community Leaders 

Thanks @Monique vdB 

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Likes made for likes about likes!

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Craig Nodwell Community Leader Jul 19, 2022

I like it if it plants a tree.

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Big fan of @Jaime Netzer's article series about how to build your agile mindset.

The Atlassian Community is all about sharing knowledge and this series does a wonderful job providing A) applicable tips for agile newcomers, and B) encouraging everyone to share their own knowledge with the community. Great work, Jaime! Keep them coming!

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Monique vdB Community Manager Jul 19, 2022

@Andrew DeBell ooh good one, Jamie's series has been fabulous!

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Jul 19, 2022

Love this, wonderful work @Jaime Netzer !!!

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I'm with @Monique vdB and I loved Miscellaneous Monday Seeing the forest for the trees as I also love trees. I loved posting on that discussion and seeing all the comments and I love all the pics of the different kinds of trees. 

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Sharon Tan Community Manager Jul 19, 2022

I loved this too, @Summer_Hogan !!!

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this article from @Brittany Joiner on how to use Trello for social activism

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Jul 25, 2022

thanks @Vincent Mann !!

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This is still a great post for Git Best Practices by @Sandesh Shetty ! Commit often with good commit messages. 💯 We have similar feelings at GitKraken and have our own article on best practices for writing Git commit messages

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"Like for trees" is a great initiative. All of us are proud to be part of Atlassian family for these type of initiatives.

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