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Team Tour 2018 - Future of Teamwork - Slides and Videos

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After the "Team Tools & Practices" leg of our tour came to a close in March (read about those stops here!), we then made the trek to Sydney and New York to explore "The Future of Teamwork." Through our amazing guest speakers and customers, we explored why this matters to Atlassian and why organizations around the world should be aware and get involved. Take a look at highlights, key insights, slides, and videos and share them with your team.


Keynote - The Future of Work is Open

Atlassian Co-CEO and Founder, Scott Farquhar and Michael Pryor, Head of Trello, shared our philosophy of Open, and how this fundamental belief is engrained in the DNA of our products and practices.

When teams are open, they build trust faster, create stronger connections, and operate at higher speeds. When information flows freely, it provides everyone in the organization with the right context to unlock their creative ideas. We believe Open is the key to unlocking the potential in every team.

Future of Teamwork Keynote.001.jpeg

Watch the keynote featuring Michael Pryor in NYC here and view the slides here. 

Team Playbook

We've collected every-day techniques from our own teams at Atlassian to use in the Team Playbook. It's our way of scaling smart practices and fostering a culture of continuous improvement as we grow. We highlighted five techniques that your team can use right away to do the best work of your lives.


Watch the video here and view the slides here.

Guest Speakers

Jeff Eggers, McChrystal Group Leadership Institute

The true efficacy of an organization lies outside the boardroom. Yet, that's not the way most organizations are wired to operate. Similarly, high-quality insights sit below the C-Suite, but that's not where most decisions are made. How do we leverage the collective intelligence and energy of an organization and accelerate the transformations required to remain relevant and competitive? Jeff Eggers discussed the phenomenon of superhero worship, the behavioral science of adaptability, and shared practical insights on catalyzing organizational change.

Watch the video of Jeff Eggers in Sydney here and view the slides here.


Seth Mattison, FutureSight Labs

We're entering the greatest period of business transformation. The rigid models we've come to count upon are no longer reliable. A new future, the age of the Network, is being created—fueled by openness, connection, transparency and shared power. Navigating this shift mandates new levels of personal courage to activate the power of collaboration and influence those around us. Seth discussed the forces impacting the state of work today and shared practical techniques to deepen connection and influence outcomes.

Watch the video of Seth Mattison in New York City here.


Customer Speakers

In addition to Atlassian speakers, we also had local customers speak at each stop on the tour.

ANZ Bank: ANZ is among the top four banks in Australia and one of the top 50 banks in the world. Last year, ANZ launched a sweeping program for the 50,000-person company to adopt agile principles, helping it to respond more quickly to changing customer expectations, empower staff, and improve efficiency. Gerard Florian, Group Executive Technology, shared how they are going about it and their learnings along the way.

TD Securities: TD Securities' Technology Solutions group creates products that run on a shared infrastructure to deliver a legendary trading experience. To do this, teams shifted to a producer mindset to become equal partners with their business colleagues. Leadership and ownership are now viewed as one and the same, and respect is earned through consistent contribution. Dan Bosman, Managing Director and Associate Vice President, Global Markets IT & Architecture, shared their transformative journey and how they plan to carry this forward. 

Inside Atlassian: Behaviors that Cultivate High Performing Teams

Atlassian's mission is to unleash the potential of every team. Have you ever wondered how that mission manifests inside of the walls of Atlassian, for Atlassian teams? 

In this talk, Bek Chee, Head of Talent at Atlassian, challenged the traditional approaches to human resources, and shared how Atlassian is actively experimenting with new ways of driving high performance in teams. Leveraging the latest behavioral industry research and our own Atlassian talent insights, Bek taught us about how Atlassian is driving autonomy and belonging into teams and disrupting age-old HR practices in service of human connection.

Don't forget to follow Teamwork collection in the Community to join the latest conversation on teams and our findings.

 High performing Teams.png

Watch the video here and view the slides here.


How to Apply the Future of Work Now

Dom helped us summarize the key takeaways from these sessions and understand what it means for all of us. He also challenged us to turn what we've learned into actions. 

Apply The Future of Work Now.001.png

Watch the video here and view the slides here.


Thank you to everyone that came to our Team Tour events. Check out more photos on our Twitter hashtag #AtlassianTeamTour and #FutureofTeamwork. Want more of Team Tour? We're excited to announce one more stop - Team Tour Tokyo on May 23!

Did you go to one of our Team Tour events? What was your favorite part? Share your thoughts and photos with us here.

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