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iCal rest API -- limit Date range?

Justin A January 16, 2024

Can I either specify a date range using the Team Calendars API when fetching iCal/.ics files, or limit the calendars date range from within Team Calendars' UI?

I built a booking/reservation system using Jira issues as "events", with two custom field for the specific assets being booked (multi select, two types of assets)... Think conference rooms, or vehicles from a motor-pool, etc. Each event has a Start-date/time and End date/time. Each asset has it's own calendar, and in Confluence I have a common calendar that shows all the reservations.

I also have an external website with the FullCalendar JavaScript library, and I fetch iCal files (.ics) from Team-Calendars using the Rest API, one for each calendar, and populate FullCalendar.

Now, this system has been in place for five years, and the number of total events is quite large. For every page load of the external website I fetch nine .ics, each between 500KB and 2MB. I am working on caching these, but then new reservations won't show up until the cache expires.

How can I limit the iCal data in the .ics files to only the current year, or past 180day, etc?

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