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Macro for creating event from a meeting notes page


It would be nice to create events in Team Calendar from within a page in Confluence where you plan your meeting.

To achieve this, create a new macro with this code:

#set ($D='$')


<script type="text/javascript">

        $(document).ready(function() {

            $('#submitevent').click(  function () {


                var row = AJS.$('.plugin-tabmeta-details table th:contains("startDate")').parent();

                var startDate =  AJS.$('td', row).text().replace( /(\d+) (\w+) (\d{4})[^d]+/, "$2 $1, $3");

                row = AJS.$('.plugin-tabmeta-details table th:contains("calendar")').parent();

                var calendar =  AJS.$('td', row).text();

                row = AJS.$('.plugin-tabmeta-details table th:contains("startTime")').parent();

                var startTime =  AJS.$('td', row).text();

                row = AJS.$('.plugin-tabmeta-details table th:contains("endTime")').parent();

                var endTime =  AJS.$('td', row).text();

                row = AJS.$('.plugin-tabmeta-details table th:contains("where")').parent();

                var where = AJS.$('td', row).text();



                #set ($persons="")

                #set ($datahtml = $renderContext.getEntity().getBodyAsString())

                #foreach ($stringList in $datahtml.split("ri:userkey=\""))

                    #if ($stringList.matches("\w+\".*"))

                        #set ($userkey=$stringList.substring(0,$stringList.indexOf('"')))

                        #if ($persons.length()>0)

                            #set ($persons=$persons+", ")


                        #set ($persons=$persons+"'"+$userkey+"'")



                console.log(calendar+" "+startDate+" "+startTime+" "+endTime+" "+where+" "+$persons);



                    url: 'https://YOURCONFLUENCEURL/rest/calendar-services/1.0/calendar/events.json',    //Your api url

                    type: 'PUT',   //type is any HTTP method

                    data: {










                        what:'Fridays Meeting',

















                        userTimeZoneId: 'Asia/Yekaterinburg'

                    },      //Data as js object

                    success: function () {

                        $('.eventcreationresults').html(startDate+" "+startTime+" created!");










    <div class="eventcreationresults">...</div>

    <input id="submitevent" type="button"  value="Create Event">


 Second, amend the template of your meeting notes so it has Page Properties with such fields (values are for example):


Also, add the macros created before.

You need to get the correct calendar id. Just click your calendar name and copy the id from URL field of a browser:

Набросок (1).png


Now everything should work. Just create a new meeting, insert some values in the Page Properties form, save the page and you will see a button "Create Event". Press it once and check if an event appears in the calendar.

Current limitations:

  • The script doesn't check if the event is already created, nor it updates the created event.
  • If your event starts at 11:00 and ends at 12:00, type 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM, otherwise it would produce an error "The event ends earlier than starts".
  • Macro doesn't report any errors.


Feel free to improve the macro, but please copy me with your updates so I could also use them :)

Thank you.

1 comment

Do you have an example of what the actual call looks like?  I cannot get the APIU to accept a post.


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