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Calendar restriction setting issue



When I was trying to set the calendar restrictions, I found the result was kinda wired.

The scenario as below:

There is a confluence page that 'confluence-user' has view only permission.

There is a team calendar in the page without setting the restrictions.

Case 1

Alan visit the page as 'confluence-user', Alan can edit the team calendar.

Case 2

Set Viewing restricted to Alan. 

Alan can still edit the calendar.

Case 3

Set Viewing restricted to Alan and John (as 'confluence-user').

Alan can still edit the calendar.

Case 4 

Set Viewing restricted to John and remove Alan's restriction.

Alan can't edit calendar, add event or even subscribe the calendar.

Case 5

Set Viewing restricted to Alan, and Editing restricted to John.

Alan can't edit calendar, but is able to subscribe.

John can't edit calendar, add event or even subscribe the calendar.


Looks like there is something wrong with the calendar restriction setting, could someone please take a look about this? 

Many thanks~

*Team calendar 6.1.5, Confluence 7.2.0

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WW Rising Star Jan 11, 2021

Confluence permissions and restrictions can be as confusing as a ball of yarn after a cat has gotten into it.

  1. Spaces have permissions
  2. Pages can have restrictions

Using the appropriate wording can help clear up confusion.  You might also mean the group 'confluence-users.'  If so, there's a big difference in how it could be affecting the outcome than if you mean a group called 'confluence-user.'  It mainly depends on what users are in whatever group it is you're using.

Here's the key point that you said that led me to the most likely answer:

There is a team calendar in the page

Team calendars only live under Calendars, which you get to by clicking the Calendars button in the main navigation bar for Confluence (usually at the top of the screen).

Team calendars do not live in pages.

You can insert a Team calendar macro into a page.  Your space and page can have their own permissions and restrictions.

The team calendar has its own restrictions, too.

Navigate to your subscribed to calendars by clicking the Calendars button on the main navigation bar in Confluence.

If you don't see the calendar that was shown on the Confluence page, it most likely is owned by someone else, but you can still Add the Existing Calendar to your calendar if you want.

Find out who owns the calendar.  If it's you, then you just need to update the calendar's restrictions.  It's probably not you, or you'd know about the restrictions, but maybe you just forgot. ;)

The calendar owner just needs to update the calendar's restrictions so that they match up with your business needs.

View only for page restrictions just means that only those people listed (assuming they have a license and space Page view permissions set):

  • Can see the page
  • Can't edit the page

So in Case 4, Alan shouldn't even be able to see the page, let alone do anything with the calendar.

You did not put what happens with John except in Case 5, so it's hard to see if there's any pattern going on with him.  I'm assuming that's because John's permissions were ok?

I'm not sure if your Cases are talking about page restrictions or space permissions that were changed. 

All of the cases make sense to me, except the last one.

Why Case 2 and 5 conflict, I'm not sure.  I would look at if Alan and John have the appropriate space permissions, what groups they're in, and what the calendar's restrictions actually are.  The other cases sound like they're probably reasonable since the restrictions (or permissions?) are sometimes group and sometimes user based.

You had said:

There is a team calendar in the page without setting the restrictions.

but it was unclear if you meant page or calendar restrictions.

Regardless, your problem is most likely coming from the calendar's own restrictions.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply, I figured that the restriction setting seems meaning the reverse way as I thought.

I guess I'm not the only one who has been confused since I saw a Korean reported that the "viewing/editing restricted" setting should change over years ago...

WW Rising Star Jan 12, 2021

Yes, I've always thought that users should not appear in the Page Restrictions search results if they don't already have space permissions.  That would reduce a LOT of confusion that users have.

There would still be plenty of confusion left if anyone would miss it, though, like with calendar restrictions. :)

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