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Summit Selfies & Swag

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 02, 2018

Here's a sneak preview of one of my pieces of swag: a sweet and snazzy laptop sticker. I'll post more in the comments as Summit gets underway!

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 3.19.59 PM.png

In the meantime, share your own snaps in this thread and earn some online swag: your Summit September badge. See you all on the expo floor!


Kat Marketplace Partner Sep 02, 2018

I have this swag I claimed before we packed all the goodies for our booth. Does that count?


Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 03, 2018

@Kat so unfair that your team is here without you! You should be here!!

Kat Marketplace Partner Sep 03, 2018

It is completely fair :) I'm with the rest of the team in our office helping customers. 

@KatI said hi to your team!



Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 04, 2018

Sorry, I uploaded this on mobile, and apparently the editor decided I should be sideways. 🙄

Aw, he's the sweetest little pen bobbler! Cool pins!

Fadoua Community Leader Sep 06, 2018

Awww that's beautiful!

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 03, 2018

Here's a picture of me in my snazzy community shirt ( @Kat, tell your colleagues to stop by the booth and pick one up for you).  I guess that means I'm the first person to get the Summit September badge! 😆

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 3.55.35 AM.png

Huzzah for some stinkin' cute selfies!

OMG I want one of the she/her buttons as I am a positive space ambassador! Where can I get one?

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 10, 2018

@Jodi LeBlanc sorry I missed this, I'll find out if we have some leftover! It was a blank badge and your choice of pronouns including "They/Them" and "Ask Me," or you could write one in. Very inclusive!

No worries Monique, I am so happy to see the pronouns being used at conferences! Such a great practice for inclusion :)

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 11, 2018

@Jodi LeBlanc might make a good topic for the Diversity group if you're interested in starting one! I love the idea of including pronouns in email signatures also, to normalize the idea of not assuming. 

Find brothers at summit :)


Oh man, that's epic!

We made this trip from Moscow to Barcelona to get his foto :)

2018-09-04 17.05.00.jpg

hahaaha, too much awesomeness in one picture! Looks like you guys are having loads of fun ^_^

Money well-spent obviously.

I really want to go to Moscow.

@Nic and everybody are very welcome to come. Let me know, if you are going to come. Mark and me promise city tours and Moscow AUG :)

Deleted user Sep 04, 2018



Stopped by the Community Booth @Ashley Elder Maura Randall Stephanie Grice hard at work getting the live stream working for everyone to enjoy! 

Deleted user Sep 04, 2018

IMG_2087.jpeggreat experience in the expo hall with the community

@Monique vdB- how could you crop me out like that? Edited for originals:


#havingfuninbarcelona #partyhardy #swaglife


Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 04, 2018


carolyn french Community Leader Sep 05, 2018

Went and said "Kia Ora" (or something in that range) to your coworkers, @Kat  They are super nice! Missed meeting you at Summit- next time hopefully

carolyn french Community Leader Sep 05, 2018

Oops, posted on the wrong part of this discussion. @Meg Holbrook that's hilarious!

Kat Marketplace Partner Sep 05, 2018

50 bonus internet points for your all @Monique vdB@Meg Holbrook, and @carolyn french

I won the internets today. Thanks @Kat

Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 08, 2018

@Meg Holbrook, LOL love it. 

 I think my enthusiasm for New Zealand scared them a bit.  Was just super excited.  I hope someone can bring me some L&P to US Summit ;-)

Kat Marketplace Partner Feb 24, 2019

@Kimberly Deal _Columbus ACE_ - how does white chocolate flavoured with L&P sound to you? 

That sounds super interesting! 

So weird how much I miss that soda.  :D


Awesome days in Barcelona  - @Monique vdB and Beyonce (aka @Thomas Schlegel)

Amazing time at summit. Thanks for everything AUG team! (Not pictured, Celina & Cassie)


awwwww! Love this :) 

Darline Auguste Community Manager Sep 18, 2018

Wooo, love this!!!!  <3 

carolyn french Community Leader Sep 05, 2018

This is a true selfie over at the Community Booth! You can tell because however I upload it, it flips upside down. You guys are what makes Summit AWESOME (everyone at Community) :)


Like AyBee likes this

@[deleted] nice pic. While making this mention I came across the problem of multiple accounts (I am not sure which of your accounts to choose, I chose the first one) :) 

carolyn french Community Leader Sep 05, 2018

You chose the right one- phew :) Yeah, we will be working on that with the community team. Super excited that Maura and others are keen to address this problem with us as guinea pigs/helpers.

Ollie Guan Community Leader Sep 06, 2018

I think it is necessary to turn the computer screen upside down to see this photo...

I think they're catering for the community south of the equator!

Darline Auguste Community Manager Sep 18, 2018

tardy for the party but Summit was so much fun and this picture brightens my day <3 

@Mark Markov and @Alexey Matveev answering questions on Community

2018-09-05 13.28.38.jpg

No breaks for the Champs eh!

Ollie Guan Community Leader Sep 06, 2018


Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 10, 2018

@Alexey Matveev I love it!


My newest Atlassian hoodie was hard earned and much loved.  So proud to have finally earned one, after *oooing* at them at my first Summit in 2016.

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carolyn french Community Leader Sep 05, 2018

Congrats- well-deserved!

Woohoo @kimberly deal!!!  So happy for, and proud of, you!!!! :high-five: 

Thanks @Larry Brock _Praecipio Consulting_.  Summit wasn't the same with out ya!  Though I did find myself often in the company of yet another Austinite. ;) Vegas?

LarryBrock Community Leader Sep 08, 2018

Absolutely @Kimberly Deal!!  I'm already planning my talk submissions (yes, multiple) to earn the trip from my employer.  Community Champ incentives will help too!

Darline Auguste Community Manager Sep 18, 2018

Congrats Kimberly! So proud of all your achievements this year :)

@Kimberly Deal _Columbus ACE_AWESOME! Congrats! Working on my own one day :)

@Alyssa Priddy I have no doubt you will soon be wearing an Atlassian Certified hoodie yourself soon!  Can't wait to give you a "finally certified Hi-Five" 

Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 05, 2018

This thread right now


I haven't met many of you but I DID meet @Alana Fernando and she was so unbelievably nice and sweet to bring tea for my colleague and me from home (and in exchange, she got shirts and a swag bag from our booth on Summit). Again, thanks a lot @Alana Fernando, I really enjoyed meeting and talking to you and I still can see your face turning red above this little surprising kiss ;) I hope you don't get into trouble at home. Next time we go swag-hunting together! :D


Like AyBee likes this

Would it be weird to dress up as pirates and cruise around with custom 'swag pirates' shirts? 

Like LarryBrock likes this

Nope....and this needs to happen!

@Meg Holbrook the iBrow™ thing was new something to me myself :D And don't forget the stuffed Parrot on your should with the shirt!

If I'm not mistaken, there's a @Christian Czaia _Decadis AG_ in there.  Someone I think of as an honourary champion for all the help he's given me (and others) over the years.  Just because he's not matching the champion rules for the website doesn't mean you can't be a champion on other grounds!

Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 06, 2018

I LOVE photo booths — y'all look amazing!

You're not mistaken @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_, that's him :) And thanks @Erica Moss :)) This photo booth had an amazing picture quality!!! 

😂 Finally with sponge bob and Mr Patrick star... and @Max Foerster - Decadis AG I invite you to join with me and @[deleted] for swag hunting next time... 😆

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_, I was away for quite a while. Thank you so much for mentioning me. Maybe I'll get myself a "honorary champion" patch and put it on my vest ;-)

Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 06, 2018

Finally getting some downtime to catch up. It was a great Summit for me. It was a Summit of abundance: info, cloud changes, connecting, tapas, vino, walking, etc. The only thing missing was decent sleep. 😴 

This caught my eye on the way to the Community lounge. I didn't know a doughnut wall was a thing.  


Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 06, 2018

@Jack Brickey This is unbelievable. 🍩

@Jack Brickey - This is probably making me the most jealous right now. 

@Erica Moss - is that a tiny Erica in the bottom corner? 

I loved the smell of the chocolate donuts near the TEAM wall

Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 06, 2018

@Meg Holbrook & @Jack Brickey OH MY GOD. How did I miss that. 😂

While I have a picture of this myself, I had to use this one for my recent post in my AUG group, just cause it had @Erica Moss in it.  I feel sorta like it is like using Hidden Mickey's :D

Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 12, 2018

@Kimberly Deal _Columbus ACE_ Am I famous yet? 😉

@Kimberly Deal _Columbus ACE_ - next summit we also need stickers of @Erica Moss' face. 


Pirate gear, Erica stickers, and disposable cameras... my luggage is already getting heavy!

Ha! @Erica Moss that is too much win and awesome right there

@Meg HolbrookLets do this!

Not my picture, and not at the summit venue,  but worth an upload, as these are some of the people shaping how the community works.  And it's always worth getting Mo and Susan on-screen, as they add so much to our community


Ollie Guan Community Leader Sep 09, 2018

Thanks people who contribute to the community., no matter where you are!

Sven Peters -K15t- Marketplace Partner Sep 09, 2018

Did Mike photobomb?

Nope, we asked him to join us.

Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 10, 2018

@Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ Great to see everyone in one spot. 😄

Sven Peters -K15t- Marketplace Partner Sep 09, 2018

Here is the picture I took from the community meeting. So many passionate people in one place! You're doing amazing work. Go Atlassian Community!IMG_1095.JPG

Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 09, 2018

Sven, great photo! Thanks for getting everyone together for this "end-of-the-day" photo. Awesome group of folks to be sure.

Thanks Sven! :)

Fadoua Community Leader Sep 10, 2018

I see some familiar faces 😉

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 10, 2018

@Sven Peters -K15t- thanks for taking this pic! It's great!!

Aww!! Such a lovely group of people. Can't wait for Vegas.

What a great group! Missed all your faces, but hopefully will see you all in Vegas! 

Great shot Sven! Thanks for sharing!

@Monique vdB - does everyone one this photo automatically qualify for the September challenge? While this particularly great shot has been taken by Sven, the entire photo shoot setting has technically been a group-selfie ;)

Darline Auguste Community Manager Sep 18, 2018

What a day and what a group!!! <3

@Sven Peters -K15t- Thanks for taking the pic and it was nice to see you there

As my very first summit, I enjoyed it a lot with all of you I met there. it was fun and awesome. 

here is a one with @Monique vdB


Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 10, 2018

@Alana Fernando ❤️❤️❤️

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 10, 2018

@Alana Fernando I miss you 

Miss you too @mo... 

@Erica Moss hope to meet you next time ❤️

Erica Moss Community Manager Sep 13, 2018

@Alana Fernando Same, my friend!

The Summit brought great news to all Atlassian fans :)


Okay, I'm going to explain myself and see if I can get a mercy pass.

I'll start of by stating the following:

  • I did not explicitly visit the community stand
  • I did not receive swag specifically from the community stand
  • I did not take any selfie with a communiteam member

However, I did meet with my local AUG leader behind the community stand, and I did - through meeting various AUG leaders and community champions during my time at summit - get allowed into the community VIP area during Bash

I also managed to get a laptop sticker, a community tshirt (it's slightly too small, though :( ), and a popsocket when I joined the Finance Industry User Group lunch which we signed up for ahead of time; picture to prove two of the three - one of which has been in constant use and greatly satisfied my urge to fidget, can you tell which one it might be?:


@Monique vdB, any chance I get a mercy pass on this?

The sticker is really looking good by the way! :) But still, the round Atlassian University one is my favorite.


Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 12, 2018

@Max Foerster - Decadis AG, is there a laptop under there? ;-)

@Jack Brickey I don't know for sure. I'm using a different device for my daily work. That's just a sticker dummy for bragging! ;) I should try to open that device!

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 12, 2018

@aaron.williams, the gods have shown you mercy 🤣

@Max Foerster - Decadis AG my company lifecycle policy means I get a new machine in February, so I'm holding onto this one for dear life until then; I have a big deadpool decal covering the backlit logo right now, so I'm pretty proud of that one.

@Monique vdB you have no idea what this means to me, especially as we have Miserere playing in the background; I'm pretty emosh right now... (alright, that just ended and we have some Blake Shelton on, so I'm cool... I'm cool...)

Monique vdB Community Manager Sep 12, 2018

@Aaron Williams I wish I could click "like" on "emosh." Welcome to the world of the monthly challenges!

Also y'all may be interested in this discussion about laptop stickers.

Nice to see all of this love around in this thread! Mine will be:


Meeting with all the Communiteam and fellow Champions/AUG Leaders was a blast!
Thanks again Stephanie for this nice shot :D

Like AyBee likes this

@miikhy international man of mystery. 

I didn't make it to take a selfie with one of the community team, but it get some swag when spending some time on the community workshop. 

For example this great scarf, that perfectly prepares for the upcoming winter.20180913_123808~01.jpg

Since my Co-Leader couldn't make Summit, I split my swag with him.  He got the Scarf and T-Shirt.  I kept the travel pouch and phone thingy.  :D  Great Community Swag this year.


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