Summit Flair Challenge

For the last few years at Summit, Atlassian's provided buttons at the confernence registration desk.  Each year I grab the ones that specifically relate to me and add them to my collection.  My favorite ones read "Atlassian Community Champion", "Atlassian Advisory Council", and my first button that simply reads "AUG."

After 5 Summits, my collection is quite large.  It's become a bit of a contest between the Atlassian User Group leaders.  Can you compete with me or Toronto AUG Leader @Susan Hauth?

At Euro Summit in May 2017, I had a strong showing of 13 buttons, and was dubbed "the pin queen" by @Gary Barg.  I expect a strong showing again at US Summit later this month.

Want to join the fun?  Show me your Summit flair!  And if you don't recognize the "flair" reference, immediately stop what you are doing, and watch the movie Office Space.

See you at Summit!



Wow, that's some bling ... er flair (both individually and combined)!! That's gonna be tough to compete against but "challenge accepted".  :-)

This is my first Summit and I am really, really, really, really excited about the flair. I already know I can't beat you but I will enjoy trying!

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 8.18.49 PM.png

I think you'll be pleased with the flair opportunities this year, Rachel!

Nicholas Muldoon Community Champion Sep 07, 2017

For reference: Office Space Joanna Flair

See you at Summit folks. Have a superb weekend!


Rachel Wright Community Champion Sep 17, 2017

I'd say flair collection at US Summit 2017 was a success!


So much good flair! Shoutout to the enamelled Atlassian logo pin; I think that was my favorite. 

I got my 37 pieces!


Rachel Wright Community Champion Sep 18, 2017

@Jeff Tillett - You are the Mr T of flair!  


HAHA, I pity da fool who tries to wear my flair! 

I'm totally bringing all of these, plus my 2016 buttons AND adding new ones at the next summit :P


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