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'git status' failed with code 128: error: bad signature fatal: index file corrupt

Ralph Cossio October 7, 2015

The moment I start up my sourceTree, I get this error. How to resolve it without damaging my current project files?

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Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
October 7, 2015

Hi Ralph, 


If the problem is with the index as the staging area for commits (i.e. .git/index), you can simply remove the index (make a backup copy if you want), and then restore index to version in the last commit. On SourceTree shell run:

On OSX/Linux:

rm -f .git/index
git reset

On Windows:

del .git\index
git reset

(The reset command above is the same as git reset --mixed HEAD)



Renato Rudnicki 

Cambesa December 7, 2016

Thanks, this solved the problem however it surprises me that I had to use the OSX/Linux command on my windows machine.


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mustnecessity May 3, 2017

Use OSX/Linux command on my windows machine +1

AlexGreen July 5, 2017

git reset

error: inflate: data stream error (invalid code lengths set)
error: unable to unpack 64e00659b39bc2ec92b15903426745a9ca0e7469 header
error: inflate: data stream error (invalid code lengths set)
fatal: loose object 64e00659b39bc2ec92b15903426745a9ca0e7469 (stored in .git/objects/64/e00659b39bc2ec92b15903426745a9ca0e7469) is corrupt

Thuggers August 29, 2018

I too had to use the Above OSX/Linux command on my machine as well....

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Mamadou ka Foinke August 21, 2019


mike varsakelis August 24, 2020

Technically it did work and got me past that error.

However, it now shows a ton of stuff that I didn't change nor do I want to commit. When I just try to stash everything to get back to where I was it tells me "You do not have the initial commit yet". This reset resets more than I realized it would and caused different issue. 

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Schroef August 22, 2021

Im getting an errorcode 128, "ref/heads ... does not point to a valid object!"

Could it be its looking for a remote tree which has been deleted? I noticed the branch i was in has been merged already. I tried a git reset, didnt solve it.




The issue im having is that my local list of branches is completely empty now. 

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Megh Developer December 6, 2019

Please Help Me I Am getting this error on every next day. And I Have To Take Re-Clone My Project Every Time.


noamgr April 7, 2021

Check that you have an access to drive E:

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David Blickstein September 6, 2019

The fix did NOT work for me.   Any other suggestions?


When I try it, the git reset command gets "fatal: unterminated line in .git/packed-refs"

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Edenghajakk April 25, 2018

Works for me. Thanks.

Ts_epo_Mphongoa May 23, 2019

It also worked for me 

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hari_webandcrafts May 17, 2017

I restarted my windows system and then opened the source tree. It is automatically resolved !!

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AAverin August 20, 2016

I get this all the time.

I almost hate it already!

Steps to reproduce are simple.

Just create a new branch, commit something, then switch to develop, merge your branch to develop and delete it. And observe the bug.

The only way to fix is to delete the wholerepo fromsourcetreeand add it again.

Can the issue be fixed? Please?

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Mikhail Grunko June 15, 2016

I deleted my project (root folder) and created it again. It was the fastest and simplest way in my case.

Save all you changes, before you delete you project!

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Ralph Cossio October 10, 2015

Thanks.. It worked.. Sorry for the late reply

Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
October 21, 2015

Hi Ralph, glad to hear that :) If you don't mind, I would kindly ask you to accept it so the same will be visible to others who might be facing the same issue you have inquired.

Ralph Cossio October 22, 2015

just did.. sorry :)

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