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Unable to clone projects

TJ Jordan October 28, 2020

Attempting to clone certain projects from remote in sourcetree always gives me this error:

"fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly

fatal: early EOF

fatal: index-pack failed

Completed with errors, see above"


It happens when the bar nears the end, after a couple minutes. 
Strangely, this issue is only affecting me and not some of my co-workers who have had no issue cloning the project. 
I've been able to workaround this issue in the past by having a co-worker send me the entire project as a .zip, then unpacking and pointing sourcetree to the project. 

I've attempted cloning the project through sourcetree or the terminal. 
I've attempted putting this in terminal:

git config --global core.compression 1

I would say I've attempted to clone the project using SSH instead of HTTPS, but that is also giving me trouble both with the sourcetree-generated SSH and a terminal-generated one (both SSH keys are defined in bitbucket). The error I get for the SSH attempts is the 'Permission denied (publickey)' one.

Any insight would be appreciated. I know this question has been asked before, but having read through several of these questions and attempted many solutions, none seem to stick.

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