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The team is getting an error stating "Unable to read membership from the remote host

fraijo.francis December 20, 2021

The team is getting an error stating "Unable to read membership from the remote host. This endpoint has been removed". The team was able to connect before but now there seems to be a problem in doing so.

This issue happening when trying to connect Bit bucket from source tree. While checking the authentication, it is working fine. 

can anyone look into this issue from sourcetree team and answer how to resolve this issue


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fraijo.francis January 12, 2022

We have followed the below steps to resolve this issue

1. Upgraded source tree to version 3.4.7 (May be 2 or 3 times you have to update to reach the version 3.4.7)

2. deleted the existing account from the source tree - Tools - Options - Authentication. 

3. added again with Authentication mode - OAuth - and click on Refresh OAuth Token. It may ask for the login credentials. 

4. Still if you are getting error in the source tree in the remote tab - please click on refresh button just below the search bar. 

jayckey January 13, 2022

This mostly works, although I cannot refresh more than one OAuth accounts.  When I click the "Refresh OAuth Token" on a second account, I get the "An Account already exists for 'First account Username' " message and in the grayed out Username textbox it has change to the first account.  Only affects BitBucket accounts as far as I can tell.

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Dave Khong January 3, 2022

I've been seeing the same error.  The error also shows, "The endpoint has been removed."  I remember seeing an Atlassian email recently that they were deprecating some of the BitBucket API endpoints.

Wonder if they forgot to update the SourceTree endpoint calls.

Dave Khong January 4, 2022

Apparently the SourceTree auto-updater broke at some point.  My version was stuck at 3.3 but showed up-to-date.  Manually installed the latest, 3.4.7, and everything works again.

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charlieqtp January 5, 2022

Used auto update to 3.4.7 which completed successfully but version number didn't update in control panel -> programs. Manually updated to latest version but it was still showing this error even after refreshing OAuth token. Clicked refresh on the remote repo list and the error disappeared.

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PAragi December 28, 2021

I found a work around at least in our case, which seems to be limited to Citrix workspace running Windows 10.

Refresh the OAUTH token.  Edit my Account from within SourceTree and selected Refresh OAUTH Token.  I was able to clone new repos and update existing ones.

Hope this helps until we get a permeant fix from BB.

fraijo.francis January 3, 2022

Tried this option. still the issue persists

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natedin February 1, 2022

Same problem, I've tried all the fixes and none of them work after a few hours of time wasting decided to move over to Github Desktop

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Akash.Raj January 17, 2022

did anyone get any solution to this issue?

Matt Ross January 18, 2022

I downloaded full version of SourceTreeSetup-3.4.7.exe and installed it.  I also had already completed the reauthorization of token on options page.

That fixed my problem.  The app was not auto updating fully so running the full install file seemed to help.

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Anders January 12, 2022
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Pepi Pepi Pepi January 6, 2022

Ok I got it working today.


- Manually updated to 3.4.7. Just with that still didn't work.

- Clicked edit account and removed all.

- Added account again with basic authentication. Still showed the red X.

- Tried to search something and magically worked.


I could clone one of my remote repositories just fine.

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Edison Chango December 31, 2021

same error, any fix around it?

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Ian Anderson December 28, 2021

My users are still experiencing this issue. Product is up to date.

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Pepi Pepi Pepi December 27, 2021

Same here. I can sync repositories I already have in my local but when I try to look for remote repositories to clone something different I get this message.

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Ian Anderson December 21, 2021

Same issue here. Any updates? It has been a week. 

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PAragi December 21, 2021


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rgarcia December 21, 2021

I am having the same issues this morning

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fraijo.francis December 21, 2021


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