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Sourcetree not detecting changed files

Dylan_Tusler September 19, 2017

I've been working fine with Sourcetree for a while. Recently it started to become slow with detecting file changes in my project. After a few days of this behaviour, it stopped detecting them altogether.

I am using version on Windows 10, working with a BitBucket repo.

Now every time I need to use Sourcetree I need to exit and reopen it in order to pick up the latest changes.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, which fixed the problem for about 24 hours, but then it came back again.

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Atlassian Team
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September 20, 2017

Hi Dylan,

  1. Can you confirm the option “Automatically Refresh” is checked? You can verify it going on Sourcetree -> Preferences -> General -> Refresh automatically when files change.
  2. Are you using submodules in that repo?
  3. When you modify a file and yet you cannot see the changes in SourceTree, what if you click an F5 to refresh the repository.. does it successfully refresh?

Lastly, reinstall SourceTree following How to Wipe SourceTree Preferences and see if that works. 



Dylan_Tusler September 20, 2017

1. Yes the option is on.

2. No we are not using submodules that I am aware of.

3. Yes pressing F5 works.

I'll "wipe" sourcetree and come back in a few days with the results. I am travelling away from the office for a few days.

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Dylan_Tusler September 20, 2017

The immediate impact of following the config wipe is that SourceTree seems to be picking up the changes again. This also happened last time I reinstalled, so I will keep an eye on it and report back.

Dylan_Tusler October 9, 2017

So far so good. Sourcetree has behaved itself since this fix.

crg_celaction October 26, 2019

I am in the same position, and have the option on, etc, as above.


What do you mean by "wiping" ST? I'd try it if I knew how!



Attila Tamas Zimler December 26, 2019

I'm experiencing the same issue and even after staging files, I have to press F5 just to get Sourcetree realized that it staged the files.

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Jeremy Robson January 7, 2020

looks like a fairly new bug, just installed sourcetree on a fresh windows machine and see this same issue. only work around is pressing f5 everytime you do anything

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jimd123 January 7, 2020

Same here.  I tried all the suggestions so far but no luck. v.3.3.6

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Ash Jonceski January 7, 2020

I'm experiencing the same issue on a new windows machine with fresh sourcetree install. It's SUPER annoying, needing to hit f5 to see any changes in app state.

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Joel Allen January 7, 2020

Same issue, Sourcetree worked fine initially, but after restarting hasn't auto-refreshed since. Version 3.3.6.

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Ash Jonceski January 7, 2020

I think this is also breaking stashing

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Ash Jonceski January 7, 2020

Re-installing sourcetree does seem to resolve it,

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Ash Jonceski January 7, 2020

Scratch that, still not working correctly. The app state isn't updating and requires F5 to update after any action,

This is Sourcetree 3.3.6 on Windows 10 Home version 1909/build 18363.535

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grapeparfait January 7, 2020

Same issue with me also. Sourcetree 3.3.6 doesn't update after staging files.

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Juke January 8, 2020

Same here.




Win 10 Pro x64, Dark Theme, 3840x1600

Git v2.24.1 win2


Reinstalling the same version did not help.

Bernt Roelofs January 8, 2020

I've got the same problem.

Temporary workaround: switch to another Tab (so another project in another Tab) and switch back to the original Tab: it updates then.

(it does mean you need at least two projects, if you don't just create a dummy one)

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David Kyle January 9, 2020

We have advised our development team to revert back to an earlier release that we trust.

Work around

We downloaded and installed the older 3.1.3 release. It works for us. No need to uninstall 3.3.6. All settings were remembered.

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David Kyle January 9, 2020
Joe Rattz January 9, 2020

I'm experiencing the same issue with detecting changes and, if I have a changed file and discard it, the screen flashes and the discard actually does happen but the changed file is still displayed in the Unstaged files panel.

Joe Rattz January 9, 2020

Just installed version 3.1.3 using the link provided above in David Kyle's message.  That resolved my detecting changes problem and the discarding changes problem.

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afshinhfatlangi January 9, 2020

Same here!

Juke January 9, 2020

Yet, this works, but kills the dark skin. :S Temporarily of course it's okay. Thanks for the hint...

danilogasques January 9, 2020

Using version here. I had the same problem twice. I wiped once and it worked well for a few days. Now it doesn't work anymore.

Thankfully, F5 presses work.

Ahh, my problem goes beyond mere file updates. If I commit my code, it won't show that the commit worked (despite executing the command) until I press F5. Same applies to pushing and everything else.

Attila Tamas Zimler January 10, 2020

Older 3.1.3 release properly reloads the repository, however, keeps moving away from a selected commit when reloading - maybe this was the problem intended to be fixed when introducing the not reloading bug.

imk-ivan January 11, 2020

Are they serious? For two years they could not get rid of this bug and it periodically occurs? Really, my trust in atlassian is dying with every new sourcetree release

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Kira Resari January 20, 2020

I am experiencing the same problem here.

Ray Ye January 20, 2020

3.3.7 has similar behavior. F5 all the time for any action.

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micheilsgrey January 22, 2020

3.3.7 same issue, so annoying i cant even stage normaly files before commit evrything need to update manualy and even sometimes F5 not helping what the hell is the problem of sourcetree

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mike_entyce_creative January 23, 2020

3.3.6 same here, well done fixing almost three years old bug, reinstalling doesn't help

PhilSwan SSI January 31, 2020

3.3.7 has the same issue and removing the config files does not resolve it.

hoggm February 9, 2020

3.3.6 same here. So annoying!

Lakpriya Srinath February 9, 2020

Still, 3.3.6 is there on the main site. Don't know the reason why. 

Tyson Marchuk April 15, 2022

I had a similar issue. I couldn't see a file change in one of my repos. F5 wouldn't work. VSCode saw the change and even SourceTree knew there were uncommitted changes on the History view and with a '1' on the Commit button but wouldn't list the file (csharp source file). Wiping all the settings worked but I didn't want to lose everything so after much trial and error I found the issue was in the user.config file with 'FileStatusFilter' set to 128. Deleting this setting resolved the issue although SourceTree kept restoring it from a copy of user.config in the Roaming AppData so it required deleting that backup first. Not sure what this setting is and what 128 means but I hope this helps someone else.

Edit: Upon reflection this is probably just the drop-down filter being set to Untracked. I’m not sure if I accidentally used a hot key to set that but I don’t recall intentionally changing it. 

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rontattoo May 2, 2021

Facing same issue even in the latest version 4.1.0 Bigsurf

this is very annoying, i might have to find a different Git GUI that would work with bitbucket. any recommendations?

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 6.15.10 AM.png

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smXplorer January 30, 2021

F5 doesn't seem to even work anymore in 3.4.2... one year later.

This bug keeps getting worse with age.

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fzuill January 27, 2020

David Baker pointed me to the fix in 3.3.8.  Here is the Jira link, and in there is a link to the exe.  Totally worked for me.  We're back in business.  Thanks David for pointing it out!

The Jira link from David's message:

It's fixed in 3.3.8:

fzuill January 27, 2020

The link to the EXE is inside the Jira resolution :)

rura6502 January 28, 2020

3.3.8 work fine! thx alot!

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Lakpriya Srinath January 29, 2020

The red exclamation mark shows up. Another minor bug from 3.3.8. Refresh issue has fixed it seems. Still, 3.3.6 is there on the official site


hwzhao February 23, 2020

my version is 3.3.8, and the red exclamation is marked, do not know the reason

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Lorenzo_Petrone February 24, 2020

Me too: I have 3.3.8, and the exclamation mark is still there. Clicking it just opens windows store asking me to install an app to handle ssh.

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David Walters January 21, 2020

I'm having this issue as well. It doesn't even update properly when I checkout a different branch, everything just stays the same unless I press F5 or restart the application. 

It was working fine for me before I updated to 3.3.7 yesterday, but I don't want to downgrade back to the version with the annoying empty local branch name bug :|

mike_entyce_creative January 23, 2020

Same issues here on 3.3.6

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Eduardo Enrique Rodriguez Cano January 15, 2020

Then the best way to fix this issue are apply the previous version? 

Eduardo Enrique Rodriguez Cano January 17, 2020

In this case, reinstall the previous version and problem was corrected

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bablex January 14, 2020

Same issue

There's a bug report too

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Michael Bøgelund January 12, 2022

I'm in version and Windows 10 (1909) I'm still having the same issue with having to refresh using F5, but only for some projects, even though the settings are all the same.

Clean install or removal of projects only works temporally.

I primarily see it affecting the first pane from the left when having multiple projects open.

Just thinking if this issue is worked on or if it's just a quirk we have been living with since 2017.

Was a fix ever found?

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Lakpriya Srinath January 24, 2020

Its a bug with the latest update. Please fix this quickly.

fzuill January 27, 2020

Same problem of refresh not working w/ v. 3.3.7

Very problematic.  Very troublesome.

I join Lakpriya in suggesting quick fix... this is a show-stopper

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fzuill January 27, 2020

Nice... but that version doesn't seem to be released yet.  Not showing up in the options/update tab yet.  Will be looking forward to it

David Baker January 27, 2020

There's a 3.3.8 download url in that link

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fzuill January 27, 2020

OH YEAH!! that fixed it.  Many thanks

JeromeAtAILiveSim January 27, 2020

That's a bummer, how come I couldn't find the update either from sourcetree nor from the website itself in the download section??

This version is dated from 20.1.2020 and today 28.1.2020 with a critical bug making the tool next to impossible to use for the whole team, and there update is just "sitting" for 8 days.

I'm puzzled and frankly quite annoyed about that

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Piotr Sobotka January 20, 2020


Try tick above, worked for me

Kira Resari January 20, 2020

Did not work for me

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JeromeAtAILiveSim January 20, 2020

Not for me either

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dancaveman January 21, 2020

already checked and still an issue.  This started after the last release.

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mike_entyce_creative January 23, 2020

Did not work for me

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smXplorer January 30, 2021

Still a bug in 3.4.2...

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JeromeAtAILiveSim January 15, 2020

while waiting for a better way, when I close the tab and reopen with "add" my git local repo, then it works normally for a while.. brakes again after a few hours but ..

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JP January 13, 2020

What an absolute ballache! Is there no chance of reverting back to a stable branch that still has the dark theme?


Edit: Sorry, I ment to post this as a reply to the initial answer - now I can't delete my answer :( Atlassian software... Flawless as always *cries in corner*

christhofer-natalius January 13, 2020

I reinstalled version 3.2.6, it has dark theme, and auto refresh work just fine

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JP January 13, 2020

Will give it a try, thanks.

JP January 13, 2020

Can confirm this worked for me, thanks.

Lorenzo_Petrone January 31, 2020

3.2.6 isn't even able to login for me: it redirects me to localhost instead of to atlassian's site -.-

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