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Sourcetree authentication not working for all bitbucket repositories

Gonzalo_AC3E March 19, 2024


last year after Bitbucket change the authentication method from personal password to App Paswords I managed to update my sourcetree Account so that pushing to repos works well for many of the repos I have access to.

Unfortunately, now that I need to make a push to a repository I did not use for more than a year and I found an issue I cannot figure out why I am not able to push my commits to only that repo.

I even had created  new App Paswords with all posible permissions enabled but the push error is the same:

git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false --no-optional-locks push -v origin master:master
remote: Invalid credentials
fatal: Authentication failed for ''
Pushing to
Completed with errors, see above.

As the others repositories works well for my pushings, I will comment the differences of this repo compared to the others

  1. Repos that I can push are private, the problem now is with a public repo
  2. Repos that I can push are part of a Workspace of an organization my acount is associated with. The problematic repo is part of my free personal Bitbucket account
  3. The problematic repo only is 48MB 

If I understand well, App password are created at my account level. I don't see options to create App passwords for a Workspace different from my personal repos. I cannot find either App Passwords that apply for a selected group of repositories and not for others.

As mentioned before, I have always used the Authentication of Sourcetree, many years ago I would used SSH but last years I use HTTP access using App Passwords


I have use Bitbucket along with Sourcetree for 6 years but few times I need to configure Authentication. Around once a year I end up all frustrated because something has changed in bitbucket, or i need to configure a new PC, etcetera and unfortunately is always a headache, because error mesaages are so brief an give little clue what is going wrong and in spite I always spend many hours understanding how all works, next time I face an issue I have forgotten how things work or the things have change already and feel I do not know a thing about it (again, each year)

Please, any help or good reference of how can I solve my problem will be appreciated.


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