Sourcectree will not use Windows 10 HOSTS file and cannot resolve DNS

sjblasko September 17, 2019

We are in the process of getting a local 2019 DevOps server in place.  The DevOps server is located behind our companies VPN.  We've setup a SSL certificate against a named version of that server and have updated our local HOSTS file on Windows 10 to point the IP address to that named URL. 

When attempting to "Add an account..." within SourceTree, we get the following errors:

  • When using "https://<site url>/<company>" in the Host URL, we get the follow error:  Failed to check login for user [<user>] API resource location <GUID> is not registered on <site url>
  • When using "https://<site url>/<company>/<project>/_git/<repo>" in the Host URL, we get the following error:   Failed to check login for user [<user>] Page not found.

When attempting to bypass this entirely by just going to "Clone", I also get similar errors:

  • When using "https://<site url>/<company>/<project>/_git/<repo>" or "http", we get the following error:  This is not a valid source path / URL.  Error: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The system cannot find the file specified.

But when I access this with the IP address instead of the <site url>, I can clone the repository.  Unfortunately, in doing so, I am not authenticated.

All signs seem to point to the fact that Sourcetree is not using the Windows 10 HOSTS file.  Is there any way to force this lookup between IP and named URL?  We do not have an internal DNS server.  I need to be able to have Sourcetree see the named URL and resolve to the internal IP.

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sjblasko September 17, 2019

For what its worth. the powershell command of

git clone https://<site url>/<company>/<project>/_git/<repo>

works just fine and pulls whole repo down.  

I would really prefer to use SourceTree as our GIT GUI but will have to move on if I cannot get this to properly pull down.

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