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SourceTree UI is constantly out of date

John Spackman November 10, 2017

Recently SourceTree is not updating the UI properly, either in the files list for a particular repo or in the Repository Browser.

When looking at a repository the list of modified files does not update - I have to switch to different views (eg click on different branches and/or History/File status/etc) in order to get the list of modified files to update.  Obviously I need the list to update in order to be able to add my changes to the Git index and make the commit.

But then once I commit changes in my repo and switch branches, the Repository Browser still says that I have uncommitted changes and am on the old branch.  

To illustrate my point, take a look at this screenshot - the window on the left is the Repository Browser and you can see that it thinks the current branch is "advanced-templates2" and that there are 45 modified files; but the repository itself has just had all the files committed and been switched to the master branch.  This screenshot was taken quite some time after the commit.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 12.45.40.png

This behaviour has only started with a recent update.

All my repos are Git repos, I am running SourceTree 2.6.3(134) on Mac OS 10.13.1


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Atlassian Team
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November 10, 2017

We've had several reports about this recently (specifically counts being out of sync in the Repository Browser) and will be investigating for a future update. Our apologies for the hassle.

Brian Ganninger
Senior Mac Developer, Sourcetree

John Spackman November 13, 2017

Hi Brian

It's more than that, SourceTree is very resistant to detecting any kind of filing system changes once the file is on display.  For example, I've just fixed a bug and switched to SourceTree to commit the change - reviewing the change, I accidentally left some debugging code in so I switched back to my editor, removed it, and saved.

But when I switch back to SourceTree, the file still has the debug code in it in the comparison.  I switched to a different file (or view - sorry I can't remember exactly what I did) and back again before I took this screenshot, and it's only after a good click around on a series of views that SourceTree gets up to date.

Here's the screenshot, the left hand side is my editor (which was saved well before I started writing this) and the right is SourceTree's view of the same file, note line 1222:

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 10.15.35.png

John Spackman November 13, 2017

Oh this is getting really annoying - I just committed and pushed and then as soon as the push was complete SourceTree showed me another file that had been modified and which should have been part of that commit.  Argh!!

I had already had to click around in order to get SourceTree to show the files that I had modified, but it did not find this change until *after* commit.

I'm sure you've got lots to do but you should really get this fixed ASAP, it makes SourceTree unreliable and nobody wants unreliable version control.  Note that the only way I can be sure what needs to be committed is to use another Git client.

erichfrazer November 27, 2017

I agree. I have exactly the same issue. It's always out of date, and the way it's dealing with files and checking them in and out seems suspicious... I've had 3 checkins go wrong so far where it says, "the commit happened but the push was unable to complete", but in actuality the commit did NOT happen and the files were lost. And it's not keeping the changed files accurate that's for sure. I've had to switch to GitKraken for now. I hope you fix it soon since your UI is the cleanest I've seen so far and like it.

ghache1 February 3, 2020

I have the same issue with release 3.3.6 on windows 10.  Seems like everything I do need an "F5" (refresh) to be done after or nothing updates.  Pretty much each time I click somewhere I need to do F5 after.  Commit a file...still shows as not committed.  Hit F5 it shows fine then.  Download changes of a repos...need F5 after to see the changes.  I tried going back to the previous release...but I guess something stayed behind since it does the same thing now :-(

I agree that it is totally annoying and make it unreliable to be used correctly.

Deleted user February 26, 2020

I agree. Windows 10, version 3.3.6.


Constantly have to hit F5 to make sure that my UI is up-to-date, this should happen automatically!

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