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Janaka Prasad Wijesena October 20, 2020

I am new to using source tree. This is what I have done;

I created a branch from the master.

made some changes

commit the changes

Now when I want to push the changes of the branch the dialog only show the master branch.



I am clearly in the branch when I commit and click push button.

How do I push to remote branch. Does it not get created when I branch from master?

I checked with other developers in my team and after they commit their changes the push button shows the push count in red. In my case it does not.


In my case I don't see this.


If I use the command line I can push it without any problem. I assume there is some sort of a setting to get this working?

in the command line I get following message


fatal: The current branch feature/reservation_3 has no upstream branch.
To push the current branch and set the remote as upstream, use

git push --set-upstream origin feature/reservation_3


I think when I create the branch if I know how to do this part from source tree that would fix this issue


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Shrake, James September 2, 2021

In Source Tree, Check Tools -> Options -> Git -> Push branches. If it is set to current, it may cause this issue. Change it to simple. If that doesn't work, change to none.

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Jacob Lucas May 20, 2021

I am experiencing this same issue.

This only appears to happen when my local branch is tracking the remote. In other words, I can create a new branch from a specified commit, then when I commit changes to that local branch and click push, the local branch will appear in the list as long as it is not tracking the remote. From there I can select which branch to push to manually.

However, this is less than ideal and needs to be addressed.

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rxbudian January 14, 2021

I have the same problem.

I've updated to the latest version of sourcetree (3.4.2)

made sure SSH Agent has started.

tried pulling and fetching with SourceTree

even tried creating a branch with SourceTree

Still only have the master branch on the push, no joy

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