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Smudge error from git LFS when pulling in Sourcetree

Alex Darby February 25, 2019


We're currently unable to pull from our bitbucket repo because we're getting an error when Sourcetree calls git-lfs filter-process.

The file OID it claims it can't download is clearly visible in the LFS files section of the repo's settings and if I manually download it by clicking on the arrow next to its OID then rename it the file seems to be fine.

Running the git commands which are shown when choosing the "find local references" causes the following output:

$ git log -p --all -S fd365de7ea55b95a3fc9f0e23939fa3fc4779fb33b5b64edac75b93878 f06325
commit b3fe4c9c3fab772610b97b29346219365a2ae8b9
Author: XXXXX
Date: Sun Feb 17 23:23:51 2019 +0000
added dirt parameters to player car windows
diff --git a/RoadTrip/Assets/RoadTrip/Meshes/Vehicles/vehi_PlayerCar01.fbx b/RoadTrip/Assets/RoadTrip/Meshes/Vehicles/vehi_PlayerCar01.fbx
index 9a115bb..587c111 100644

--- a/RoadTrip/Assets/RoadTrip/Meshes/Vehicles/vehi_PlayerCar01.fbx
+++ b/RoadTrip/Assets/RoadTrip/Meshes/Vehicles/vehi_PlayerCar01.fbx
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
-oid sha256:372221a0e53ca8fec7b000ac61c254b5dd50cd49bfe9c4ead57ce93093d77dc3
-size 3839200
+oid sha256:fd365de7ea55b95a3fc9f0e23939fa3fc4779fb33b5b64edac75b93878f06325
+size 3839360

I tried updating to the latest version of Sourcetree, and the latest embedded git / git LFS and it still gives the same error. I have also tried it both with and without "Enable the Bitbucket LFS MEdia Adapter" checked and I get the same result.

I use SSH but most other people on the project use HTTPS.

Here's the latest log log with smudge error

What workarounds are there for this situation?

e.g. is it possible to:
roll back the LFS link on the server's repo?
find out why it's not downloading?
pull everything except the problem problem file then replace it in a merge so I can keep working?

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Atlassian Team
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March 6, 2019

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