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Repository does not exist after 3.3.9 Update.

mrpresidentjpk August 23, 2020

Hi, I'm using SourceTree and Bitbucket, after updating sourcetree there's now a red ! on the repository button, I cannot push to the repository, and if I press it it takes me to the proper bitbucket page except there's an endless loading screen. If I simply go to the URL in the browser everything loads/logs in just fine that way, but that doesn't help with sourcetree. 

Every time "Repository: [] does not exist" is printed to the log sourcetree hangs for minutes and eventually has to be forced closed.

Reinstalling did not fix the issue.

The sourcetree log file after the update looks like this:
ERROR [2020-08-23 18:30:59,699] [1] [Sourcetree.Installer.Squirrel.Utils.UpdateHelper] [Log] - Couldn't read staging user ID
ERROR [2020-08-23 18:30:59,706] [1] [Sourcetree.Installer.Squirrel.Utils.UpdateHelper] [Log] - Couldn't read staging user ID
ERROR [2020-08-23 18:31:21,231] [1] [SourceTree.Model.Repository] [Log] - Repository: [] does not exist
ERROR [2020-08-23 18:32:00,647] [1] [SourceTree.Model.Repository] [Log] - Repository: [] does not exist
ERROR [2020-08-23 18:35:02,754] [1] [SourceTree.Model.Repository] [Log] - Repository: [] does not exist
ERROR [2020-08-23 18:38:02,519] [1] [SourceTree.Model.Repository] [Log] - Repository: [] does not exist
ERROR [2020-08-23 18:50:53,928] [1] [SourceTree.Model.Repository] [Log] - Repository: [] does not exist
ERROR [2020-08-23 19:05:55,452] [1] [SourceTree.Model.Repository] [Log] - Repository: [] does not exist
ERROR [2020-08-23 19:06:46,784] [1] [SourceTree.Model.Repository] [Log] - Repository: [] does not exist
ERROR [2020-08-23 19:10:21,108] [1] [SourceTree.Model.Repository] [Log] - Repository: [] does not exist
ERROR [2020-08-23 19:23:18,085] [38] [SourceTree.Exceptions.RemoteHostException] [Log] - Insufficient authentication credentials
ERROR [2020-08-23 19:23:18,138] [1] [SourceTree.Exceptions.RemoteHostException] [Log] - Failed to check login for user [mrpresidentjpk]
ERROR [2020-08-23 19:24:42,985] [PriorityScheduler: 1] [SourceTree.Scheduler.SourceTreeDispatcher] [Log] - Unable to get Dispatcher Application.Current is null
ERROR [2020-08-23 19:24:42,985] [PriorityScheduler: 1] [SourceTree.Scheduler.SourceTreeDispatcher] [Log] - Unable to invoke async action [System.Action] dispatcher is null
ERROR [2020-08-23 19:24:48,703] [1] [SourceTree.Model.Repository] [Log] - Repository: [] does not exist
ERROR [2020-08-23 19:27:57,103] [1] [SourceTree.Model.Repository] [Log] - Repository: [] does not exist

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Éric Jacopin August 30, 2020

I have the same red "!" issue and here is how I solve it (not once for all but each time I run sourcetree).

My version of sourcetree is 3.3.9.

1- Click on the Parameters button (third right of the button with the red "!").

Effect : Depot parameters panel opens.

2- All further steps take place in this panel (and one sub-panel):

2.1- Select "Distants".

2.2- Choose the origin depot for your project.

2.3- Click "Edit".

2.4- Choose the appropriate remote account for your project (I have several, you may just have your bitbucket accound AND a generic one, selected by default, which causes the red "!", as far as I understand).

2.5- Click "OK" to validate the remote account you selected.

2.6- Click "OK" to close the Depot parameters panel.

There, the red "!" should have disappeared...

mrpresidentjpk September 27, 2020

This has worked for me for a week now, thanks.

I don't know why I have to go through a multi-step login process every single time I start sourcetree, but it has fixed the freezing issue and the red '!'.

Éric Jacopin September 29, 2020

Good to know it solved your issue.

Now, if you ever encounter a freezing issue again with SourceTree and think or re-installing.

You may wish, before re-installing SourceTree, to delete your local app data; beware, this action will destroy most, if not all, your SourceTree settings: you'll have to reconfigure SourceTree.

The folder for such data is hidden and you first need to make it visible: in Windows Explorer, click on the view tab (far-right tab at the top of the window) and then click on "Show hidden files".

Now folder "AppData" should be visible from your user folder; open "AppData" and go to "Local\Atlassian" : there, violently delete all the SourceTree folders before re-installing.

You'll lose your settings, but thus SourceTree will be forced to start anything new and thus shouldn't freeze anymore.

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thefraj October 1, 2021

Same issue here with 3.4.6

ERROR [2021-10-01 09:06:59,282] [1] [SourceTree.Model.Repository] [Log] - Repository: [] does not exist

When attempting to clone a repo - it fetches remote Url and details (identifying it as a Git repo) then in the next phase with the circular spinner to the right of the 'advanced options' dropdown... it then crashes without error or warnings (just closes app)

Was working fine for weeks and this (for me) started 2 days ago, without any config changes - or any changes to SourceTree at all (I just tried opening a different repo from the same account in DevOps)

Authentication is fine (I'm using a PAT which it accepts, and it appears to find the repo in the first lookup step (setting repo options to Git etc) and as I say, its in the 2nd lookup phase where it retrieves info about the  where it then dies

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roman August 26, 2020

I have the same issue.

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