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Please help Sourcetree Wont accept password for login

manuSaiz December 3, 2018


(error message: "invalid format try plain text" but I went to Notepad and still won't enter, anyway. here's the solution:



This is what after 8 hours and 3 friends less solved the problem:

Navigate to:
AppData > Local > Atlassian > SourceTree

Once there, search and destroy this archive:

This allowed me for at least one normal fetch, and push so far. Will update if it fails again.



I keep getting prompted with the Password Window no matter if I enter a right or wrong password. I reseted my password from the atlassian page, nothing works, I tried dozens of suggestions from alegedly succesful solutions for the last 5 hours straight and nothing works, I give up, this makes no sense and I need assistance, please help me.

Under Options > Authentication > Accounts, I have the Atlassian acount where the project is hosted, and the password is set to HTTPS with Authentication "OK".
This password works on the Bitbucket site too.
But when I try to Fetch or Pull, Sourcetree prompts the Bitbucket Login pop up, which doesn't accept any password as correct, and throws this error:

git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false --no-optional-locks -c credential.helper= -c credential.helper="C:/Users/MANUS~1.DES/AppData/Local/ATLASS~1/SOURCE~1/GIT_EX~1/GIT-CR~2.EXE" fetch origin
Logon failed, use ctrl+c to cancel basic credential prompt.
remote: Invalid username or password
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

Completed with errors, see above.

More details:

I already had Credential thingy v.14, tried updating to v.18, problem persists.

Then I updated GIT.

Problem persists.

Tried changing from embeded to system, problem persists.

Tried updating embeded one, it wont finish updating because problem persists, which also spawns a dozen more login windows.

Also tried reseting all passwords,

updating sourcetree

and even reinstalling sourcetree.

Also tried removing all saved passwords, and guess what?


Problem persists.


Some more details

I managed to perform a pull from the console

But problem persists when performing a regular pull from Sourcetree.


Also, maybe this is interesting, I have this problem after using CCleaner (Default options) to recover from some weird FPS lowering condition, which was fixed with the CCLeaning, that may or may not have caused this problem with Sourcetree autenthication.


And last but not least, the "SSH pageant" keeps asking for a Key.
This I was used to and I just kept ignoring it, and can't remember a time when it prevented me from pulling, but maybe it is related?


Kept trying things, nothing works, help!
- Deleted all the accounts, and added current Bitbucket one (The one where the projects are)

- Created a new SSH key with passphrase, but won't work either, keeps asking for me to start the pageant and Load the key, but if I load it, it throws the very same pop up once and again. Also, the key keeps deleting itself upon PC restart (Which I've been told is normal, but still, what?)

Anyway, please, help.

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Bradley Hein November 5, 2019

I just ran into Sourcetree not accepting my password tonight, even after resetting it. I found this thread and this worked for me too!

Navigate to:
AppData > Local > Atlassian > SourceTree

Once there, search and destroy this archive:

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Konstantin Trofimov February 18, 2020

Thanks, I was looking other Git Tool, I am on the edge with this SourceTree bugs.

Also its stupid tree of local repositories makes me mad

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YavorJPisarov November 23, 2019

Thank you!

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Magnus Wittstrom August 8, 2019

Had the same problem after changing my password on github.
This solution worked. 

Thank you

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Anders Lund July 29, 2019

Having issues to find the passwd file, I'm going to the application support folder under library and then into the sourcetree folder but I only see hgrc_sourcetree and hostingservices files. I know you said this path AppData > Local > Atlassian > SourceTree But I did not find any AppData folder, can someone please help? :) 

Anders Lund July 29, 2019

3.1.2 is the version i'm on

Ryan Pope September 6, 2019

I couldn't find it until I went into my user directory and did a search for "AppData". Try replacying "username" in the directory location below in File Explorer:


Like shritesh garhewal likes this
shritesh garhewal August 12, 2020

Thanks!! worked for me

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Sourabh Mehta May 27, 2019

Thanks a ton, Man!

It worked for me finally..

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Sebastian Toplician April 16, 2019

Thank you this worked! I was stumped for a few hours on this! I forwarded this post to the support team as they were trying to help me as well.

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J.C. Francis April 6, 2019

Thanks you! This worked for me! This was frustrating me for so long.

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Filipposan March 24, 2019

this worked for me.

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Eric Zhou February 21, 2019

Finally find the solution here, thanks!

manuSaiz February 21, 2019

Happy to make you happy :D

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A.L. December 4, 2018

Same here... Sourcetree stopped working yesterday without any changes. Atlassian support only relegates to this forum.

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Mohsin Aboobacker December 3, 2018

Same here...

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cheesebic December 3, 2018

Same issue. I wonder if it's related to bitbucket dropping support for TLS1.0/1.1.

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