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OneDrive.exe launches SourceTree after unlocking personal vault

Deleted user August 29, 2021

I'm trying to determine why and how one drive is automatically launching SourceTree ( and I am trying to find ways to prevent it from happening.

It has been doing this for over a year now. When I right click the one drive icon on the task bar and select unlock personal vault, then input my credentials. As soon as the personal vault is unlocked onedrive.exe is launching sourcetree.exe with the fallowing command line

"C:\Users\Dean\AppData\Local\SourceTree\app-3.3.8\SourceTree.exe" log -f "E:\OneDrive\Personal Vault"

I used a utility called Process hacker to determine that indeed it is onedrive.exe that is launching sourcetree (see screenshot)

Also there does not apear to be anything in the settings of onedrive about launching external apps etc. SourceTree also has no settings that would suggest that it should launch when the personal vault is unlocked.

Anybody else have this issue? I've done google searches but there does not appear to be anyone else having this issue. It has me a bit perplexed.


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Tom A. Vibeto September 27, 2021

Same thing just happened to me. First time, but I havent used this computer in a while.

Happened to me on my work computer, Sourcetree 3.4.5. Didn't happen on my home computer, Sourcetree 3.4.6. So I updated and that seemingly fixed it.

Deleted user September 27, 2021

I just updated SourceTree for windows from 3.3.8 to 3.4.5 and it seems to have fixed the issue.

I read through the release notes for each windows release of sourcetree from 3.3.8 to 3.4.5 and did not see anything about onedrive.

It is still disconcerning that sourcetree was being executed after onedrive personal vault is unlocked.

Tom A. Vibeto September 16, 2022

Or not. New computer, Sourcetree 3.4.9, and it have started happening again.

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