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Is there a Explorer/Finder file view in SourceTree?

The closest I can find is to use the "File Status" tab and pick "Show All". That shows me files listed in folder order. But they aren't nested to show hierarchy, and I can't collapse and expand folders to easily narrow things down to the area I care about.Thanks!

Great tool, BTW. I used to switch between git clients depending on which was better for the task I wanted to do. Now I pretty much use SourceTree exclusively.

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Add my vote to the list - very annoying to not see my files and folders in the typical tree/hierarchal format!

This lack of a feature needs attention!

Not having this feature is causing us to either bail on source tree, or use both sourcetree and qgit. It would be great to elevate this feature request for windows!

This needs to be working.

For many of the developers I work with, SourceTree is a non-starter. I don't blame them.

Tree view controls are not rocket science. On source control applications, they're also not optional.

This is now in! laugh 

Tree View.png

eeeeeend it's gone again.

Version 1.8.2 on Windows removed again the feature because it was considered "deprecated" for speed reason... The funny thing is that initially they removed also for Mac but put it back after the, obvious, users outcry. 

Please let's rise our voices again to have the tree view back on windows too. Hopefully it will take less than two years this time. 

Can we have the Tree view back, please?

I regret I upgraded - the latest version made me create an Attlasian account (why? I have a Bitbucket account - could the former not be derived from the latter?), removed the tree view, uglified the icons and broke the "Change Folder" function for moved repos.

Can we trust Attlasian to improve the software with the next release, rather than break it even more?

Agreed.  With every new release comes a new and more consistent crash.  Maybe the program gets more love on the Mac platform and the Windows release is an after-thought?

"Source Tree" now without any tree.
I'm done with this huge amount of BS, moving to another tool or back to console.

Just updated and uninstalled. We need to change what was pleasing the users?

There should be a big button on the command bar to see the working copy status as a tree, these small buttons to get the tree view are really too hidden

Agreed on getting this fix. I am currently on a Mac, but the rest of our company are using Windows. I am currently in a meeting trying to show this to the rest of our company to use and they are refusing because of this. Can status update if this ever plans on being added to the Windows version? if not, I'm going to have to switch to use something else.

Count my vote as well, this is my only issue with source tree, but its a big one.

Thanks Steve, Hopefully the WPF tree view will be working soon though. It's a little ironic that the app is called SourceTree when all I see on Windows is SourceList. Hoping for a tree soon :)

Haha, OK, you got me there ;)

I've been trying to get some new folks to use the software at our company here, but this is one of the biggest questions preventing greater adoption. Any word on the tree view? Thanks!

Get on this guys please. I develop WPF. This is not that hard to do efficiently. I use mac and PC version. This is huge missing feature from PC. THE BIGGEST.

yeah would love this feature too

2 votes

We do have a tree view in the Mac version but not yet on Windows - we've had some issues with the standard WPF tree controls (they don't support many features like multi-select) and third-party controls have so far been a bit slow. We hope to add this feature to Windows eventually - for now the filter box is useful, it can narrow things down for you and will match folders too.

Glad to hear you like using SourceTree!

I have been trying to find the tree view as well on Windows :( Thanks Steve for clarifying this issue. Hopefully you will have a working tree view for Windows sooner than later :)

Keep up the great work,

- frankie

Hi Steve,

Any news about this very much needed feature?


Steve, could you please explain how to show tree view in the Mac.


Is this available now in 2018?  I can't see all the files in the current working copy anywhere.


This doesn't bode well for Atlassian support in my eyes. Looks like the windows platform isn't much of a priority. This has been a long standing problem that they have simply ignored. I had to switch everyone back to smartgit which is not ideal, but works better for tree view. Questioning whether we should continue our move into stash at this point.

I have to agree with you. When there is such basic functionality like this being ignored on one platform, it ceartinlly doesn't bode well. If they provide a product that doesn't work well in the rest of their own eco-system, it makes me qestion why I'm using them in the first place.

I Just checked back in on this to find out there hasn't been any progress. The lack of this feature makes it extremely had to check the log history of a specific file. You have to hunt down a commit where it was changed to get that fetaure. Really cumbersome.

Yeah, my colleagues are wanting to bail on Mercurial because of this missing feature.

Love Hg, but the visual tools on windows suck. SourceTree is great , but really needs this feature.

Now if only TortiseHg was close to tortiseSVN, and there was a decent visual studio plugin (visualhg is pretty lame).

+1 for tree view in windows. We have 40+ developers that would use it on Stash projects if they had this feature. SmartGIT it is!

+1 for tree view in Windows, and +1 for tabbed UI in Mac OS


I searched everywhere for an option to enable this "view". Glad to know I'm not crazy. Can't wait for this feature!

Oh man this is really needed. I have a few artitst that are comiting some things that they shouldn't because they don't really know if the things they are commiting should be uploaded or not. If they could just commit the the "Models" folder this problem would go away. Please see to it that this is implemented as fast as possible. Many thanks, and great job so far with sourcetree.

I keep coming back to "File Status" to check the file. Winding down my productivity. We surely need the explorer view!

Any news about this feature?


Yes this feature will be really great to have on Windows also.
At the moment I'm using SourceTree on both Mac and Windows and that feature alone make the Mac version much better.

Fantastic tool by the way!

- Dan

Perhaps someone could explain to me how on Windows I can remove specific folders in SourceTree from my Git when all I see is a flat list of files in my Working Copy "File Status" View. I see specific files but do not see folders :( Any help with this is appreciated.

Since git/hg actually don't store a record of folders, just files, you remove folders simply by removing all the files in that folder.

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