Is Git 2.31 causing git-bash terminal to fail opening on Sourcetree 3.3.4 ?

perrstep March 17, 2021

Hi, I have just updated my embeded and system Git (Windows) to version 2.31, and this seems to make the terminal button fail to actually open the terminal, silently failing.


Reverting to Git 2.30.2 fixed the issue.  Is this happening only for me?

Should I report this bug elsewhere?


Thank you.

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AHP May 6, 2021

We also face(d) this issue in SourceTree 3.3.9, after an update of "Git for Windows" to 2.31.1, and don't have a proper solution for now! (Note: we can't switch to the Embedded git; the button is greyed out, since we are on a Corporate Environment, where SourceTree is deployed from central location)

However, the following workaround may help you, until a fix is available:

  1. In SourceTree (v3.3.9) click on the "Explorer" button (next to the "Terminal" button) --> that opens the repo from within SourceTree in an Explorer window.
  2. From the Explorer window: right-click on the root folder of the repo and select "Git Bash Here" --> opens the GitBash, which can be used as if you've clicked the "Terminal" button.

Hope that helps others and serves at least as a temporary solution.

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martinveilleuxgameloft March 19, 2021

Not just you. I'm using sourcetree and after I updated system Git to 2.31, the terminal button fails. 

Also, sourcetree now hangs(unresponsive ui) for ~30 seconds when I launch it.

But if I close all my project tabs and restart, it doesn't hang. 

On closer inspection of the process in the taskmanager, the culprit might be Git lfs, which has a recently reported issue. 

In any case, the issue is with Git for Windows, which I suggest rolling back to 2.29.2. 

Or you switch to the embedded Git.


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