Installing SourceTree 1.8 in an Offline Environment



I'm currently using sourceTree in an offline environment, but the initial splashscreen requires connecting to the Atlassian webserver to start. Is there a way to bypass this and use the current license file I already have for sourceTree?

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It is possible to install SourceTree 1.8.2 on an offline Windows environment. This can be done by first installing it on an online computer and registering there. Next, copy the folder %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Atlassian (or a subset, perhaps only \SourceTree\sourcetree.license) over to the offline computer. Then SourceTree runs. 

I have not yet verified that this solution is in line with the license agreement. Any idea? 

Confirmed this on Windows 7 x64 with The sourcetree.license file is no longer used. It appears to be a combination of the following:




Yup! This worked for me on Windows 7 x64 as well. Thank you.

Can we get a proper solution that isn't a workaround? Shouldn't this be logged as a bug somewhere or do the developers look at the questions here?

I copied over the accounts.json file and was able to start the program, then just opened the working directory.

This is incredibly unslick. Thanks, Atlassian!

If you have to copy the user.profile into the new installation, won't that contain the user details for whichever user registered the product? Is there a way of licencing it for corporate use, then stripping out the user details for a generic build?

Terrible!  This is not an answer, this is a hack.

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Seems that this is a bug so anyone affected should report it as such.

I couldn't find out how to do this the first time round because it was hidden away on the support site. Here's a direct link to report a SourceTree bug:

Awesome. Hope this fix will make it in quickly.

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Same here!
Our customer compliances disallows direct internet connections from our workplaces for security reasons!

This "feature" implies a very bad image to the security concept & considerations of Atlassian :-(

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Hey Everyone - Unfortunately, we don't support offline installations. That said, it is a one-time registration and once you authenticate with a valid Atlassian account, you'll be able to use SourceTree entirely offline. In February, we updated our Terms and Conditions to align with Atlassian's Customer Agreement. The registration requires everyone to acknowledge those new terms and also ensure that SourceTree is distributed in accordance with Export Control laws. Sorry for the inconvenience this change has caused. 

Thank you for your support. 


SourceTree Product Manager 



Looks like I will have to migrate back to Github. :-(

"Unfortunately, we don't support offline installations." But ... why?

Hi Rahul, this is very inconvenient and unacceptable for enterprises. How do you deploy/maintain sourcetree at atlassian? How do you force your users to use the latest sourcetree given the the amount of security advisories you send out for git and sourcetree?

I really think Atlassian should think about a way to enable unattended/silent installation for sourcetree, make it managable through sccm. You could validate, while silently installing, if there is a BitBucket Server instance on the local network or something. You are promoting this product and we are paying good money for BitBucket Server each year. We have over 1100 sourcetree installations in our company and they range from version 1.1 to 2.1.10. It's undoable and a great security risk. Please think about this and about your enterprise customers!

This arbitrary decision precludes the use of this product behind any security hardened network. It's very inconsistent way to manage products in the same suite of tools by the same company.

Being that there one needs to install online, there is currently a serious issue. If I uninstall Source Tree using Windows to uninstall, then run the install package, when I get to the login screen it is a blank screen, thus preventing me to install Source Tree.

Same problem at my company, which recently adopted Atlassian in a big way.  Enterprise customers are all going to have the same issue.  The need for this is perplexing, and the explanation above doesn't scan.  No one else does this.

Very recently there was an offline-installable version released, which I found by hunting through the boards.  It worked great in our hardened server network, and it seemed that Atlassian was going to fix this once and for all.  Now we're back to this same unnecessary problem with 2.3.5.  Not impressed with the support so far.

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Same here. An option to import a license file like 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 would be nice.

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Likewise. Updated to 1.8.2 today hoping the licensing system might have been simplified (educational environment, trying to get SourceTree to work well in my classroom, where computers re-image when rebooted). Appears that the opposite has happened, and our offline license file no longer works – getting splash screen / requirement to connect after updating from 1.6.

All help topics on corporate licensing I could find (e.g., have the following message:


Is there no longer a corporate license key option?


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Same problem. Just updated my SourceTree in isolated network and couldn't start it...

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And I have the same problem (on Windows).

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I did a diff on the contents of %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Atlassian from a clean installation before and after registering online.

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Atlassian\SourceTree\accounts.json is created.

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Atlassian\SourceTree.exe_Url_<hash>\\Startup.Profile is modified.

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Atlassian\SourceTree.exe_Url_<hash>\\user.config is modified.

After some cursory analysis, my guess is the registration is getting baked into one of the binary objects stored in user.config

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Thanks for the info, all. FYI - I've posted a new question focused on licensing / pre-configured installs at

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I am trying to install in an ONLINE environment but each time I attempt to login to My Atlassian the result is a 403 forbidden.  How frustrating!!!


Everything was working fine until I upgraded.

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SourceTree Version 1.9.1 (Early Release) suffers from the same issue - it wouldn't let you go on without logging into Atlassian.

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any progress on getting sourcetree in offline environment?

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Same issue.. not able to install without internet

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I guess Atlassian doesn't want us using their software.  If older versions supported it, and now newer ones don't, that's sending a pretty clear message to customers.  

I'll think twice next time a conversation about purchasing newer tools comes up.

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Guess I'm luck we still have 1.6 running behind our firewall sadsad.

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For us this effectively prevents further usage of SourceTree in our company as we automate software distribution for wide-spread products, including automatic (controlled) rollout of updates etc. ...

Very non-customer-oriented move by Atlassian :-(

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I'll add my voice here too.  Completely unable to use sourcetree now because of our development environment being complete "air-gapped" from the internet.

What's next?  JIRA needing a connection to upgrade?

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Got same problem. Offline, without access to HTTPs, only SSH to Bitbucket.

We may switch to GitExtensions.

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